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Skechers is the world's 3rd largest shoe brand. All online sales to the Nordic market are handled via a new webshop.

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The world's 3rd largest shoe brand

Skechers is an award-winning global brand that designs and develops lifestyle and performance footwear, apparel and accessories for women, men, and children. Skechers is the world's third-largest footwear brand. The products are sold through retailers, own concept stores and own webshops.

When Skechers decided to invest in a new digital platform in 2021, the company's existing platform took much work to maintain and had several performance challenges, including speed and stability. At the same time, Skechers wanted a modernised cloud-based platform that would provide new opportunities to work more efficiently with product data and marketing content. With the company's new Shopify Plus solution, Skechers has saved money on operations, as external assistance is no longer needed when working with new content blocks and landing pages, for example. At the same time, the old problems with speed and poor performance have been solved.

"Switching to Shopify has made it easier, funnier, and more time-saving for editors to work on content production. It's been like going from an old Lada to a Tesla.  

Martin Vad Jespersen
Head of Ecommerce Sportsconnection A/S, Skechers

Conversion rates increased by 30%

The new website has created great results. The conversion rate in the shop has increased by 30%, and Skechers has seen a growth in the average order size (basket size). Skechers has also seen growth in organic traffic. However, this cannot only be attributed to the speed of the new platform, as Skechers is also growing as a brand and has had an increased focus on SEO and content production since the website’s launch.

Novicell's extensive experience with integration projects gave confidence to the project

The solution naturally includes integrations to Skechers' ERP solution and PIM solution. Today, Skechers has an integration engine that is robust and seamless. Product updates and stock synchronisations run in real-time.

"As it wasn't just a design project but also an integration project for ERP and PIM, we needed a partner who had done it before. And here we have been in safe hands. The collaboration with Novicell has been great, as we have managed to find solutions together. 

An agile project process

When we started the project, we had a different idea of what we would do. Novicell has managed to be agile and adaptable when there have been changes in the project. And we have found good solutions together." 

Martin Vad Jespersen

Shopify Plus

Skechers is based on the Shopify Plus platform. With Shopify Plus, we have access to all the features Shopify offers, allowing us to scale as needed. The shop is integrated with the rest of the system landscape, including PIM and ERP systems. This ensures significantly easier and fewer workflows and complete control of orders, product information and updated stock levels. Skechers is growing rapidly both globally and in the Nordic markets, and with the solution from Shopify and Novicell, the company is well-equipped for the future.

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