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Public organisations

Novicell helps public organisations create good digital solutions and fulfil the potential going forward when transitioning from the citizen to the user.

In recent years, completely new and unforeseen demands have been placed on the public sector. Technology and innovation have gone from being potential opportunities to absolute necessities.
With increasing digitalisation, many new opportunities have arisen. The potential for delivering digital and personalised services has never been greater. At the same time, with technology comes new and larger amounts of data, which place demands on internal capabilities and data security.

The potential of the changed market combined with the available digital solutions, if handled correctly, gives public organisations unique opportunities to differentiate themselves and deliver services in more efficient ways.

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says that a good online experience increases trust in the public sector

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want to manage their dealings with the public sector digitally

Public Organisations

The digital experiences from the private sector are now also expected from the public sector. In order to meet consumers' increasing expectations, digital platforms are absolutely essential.

Important digital trends in the public sector

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    Modernisation of core competencies

    Through digital modernisation of existing processes and systems, public organisations receive new opportunities to deliver the expected level of service.

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    Investment in cloud solutions

    Several public organisations recognise the cloud as an essential part of the digital journey.

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    Data security

    The digital platforms and large amounts of data mean new requirements for security and handling GDPR.


Novicell offers a range of services and solutions

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    Websites and communication

    Citizens' expectations for visits to a public website will be strongly influenced by rules and conventions from webshops, social media etc. This is because we are first and foremost human beings - not citizens or customers. At Novicell, we have a solid understanding of user behaviour and digital communication, because we have 20 years of experience with digital solutions for a wide range of industries.

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    Design and UX

    We work with good design and UX, because it makes sense to create websites that give all users good user experiences. And good user experiences produce results.

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    Web accessibility

    Public organisations are covered by the law regarding web accessibility, which is about ensuring equal web access for everyone. We can help with that.

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    A solid and secure IT foundation

    Do you have a solid digital foundation? With Novicell as a digital development and collaboration partner, you get the opportunity to create a solid IT foundation with the necessary data security across internal and external systems and with the opportunity to grow in the solution.

Selected public organisations that we have helped

With Novicell as a partner, we went to the optician, so to speak, and achieved a new view of things. With the help of Novicell, we have gained a clear view of how we can become recipient-oriented in our communication and what measures this requires. Now we have the task of moving from a production paradigm to becoming a modern organisation with good digital communication with our citizens.

Nikolaj Høncke Keldorff, Web Consultant, Group Communication
Region Midtjylland

If you have the ambition, we have the experience and the specialists

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    At Novicell, we have many years of experience with digital solutions for the government, regions and municipalities

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    As a technology-independent partner, we can advise you all the way from strategy to technology selection and architecture to implementation and operation.