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Software Development

We build flexible solutions for optimal performance and are specialists in various platforms. These include Umbraco, Sitecore and Drupal, among others.

Software development consultancy in London

Your website is the focal point of your business. For that reason, it’s important to choose the right solution that’s both consistent, reliable, adaptable, scalable and, most importantly, usable. Novicell is a London-based software development agency that delivers exactly these solutions. When creating a solution that digitally differentiates your brand, we understand the importance of striking the perfect balance between great customer experience and efficient digital setup. With over 20 years of experience in software development, we can help you with everything related to systems and software development.

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Why choose Novicell?

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    We create web solutions for many different segments and industries.

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    Technology agnostic

    We provide you with technology-independent counselling and assist you in platform selection.

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    Speed of innovation

    We can help you phase out legacy software to minimise time-to-market on new features, products, and processes.

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    Business understanding

    We understand the client's business before proposing specific solutions.

We are technology agnostic

The latest technology can be tempting to try out, but it’s not always necessary to build a complex ‘space rocket’ just because we can. We aim to optimise your business, not always using the most advanced solution. We develop solutions tailored to you and your business, connecting your business visions with the right technology for you. Ultimately, technology is our tool, not our goal.

How we work 

Few brands are new. We understand the value of traffic and content migration and ensure that a new solution builds on your existing position.

Your digital solution is constantly evolving. Digital channels are not a one-time investment. As your digital partner, we constantly focus on improving your competitive position and work in a targeted and data-driven way to attract the right customers to your business.

We help you choose the right platform and solution that matches your ambitions now and as far into the future as we dare to look together.  

Business understanding and focus on value

We have assisted businesses in developing and implementing digital solutions that create value across many channels, including the all-important website. For us, the focus of web development starts with a detailed understanding of your digital ambitions and the goal of the solution. Then the most important thing: how we can best attract valuable traffic and guide the many digital visitors to the right destination.

Sinclair Pharma - a new Umbraco platform born overseas

Sinclair Pharma needed a solution that could be rolled out fast and efficiently and in multiple languages. Since their first website launch, we have worked together closely to increase traffic and improve features and functionality.

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