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Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Processes, systems and advice on all aspects of DAM

Single source of truth for your digital files

A Digital Asset Management (DAM) system makes it possible to collect all the company's digital files in one place, and make them easily and quickly accessible to the company's employees, customers and partners. Many companies solve this problem from a shared drive or similar, but that solution often causes a number of problems when the file collection exceeds a few thousand files. The problems are typically expressed in wasted time finding files, bottlenecks in business processes, uncertain branding expression and poor quality control, as well as delayed time to market for products and services that are crucially supported by digital files.

When should I consider a digital asset management system?

This will typically be when you often hear the following in your organisation:

  • I can't find the right logo
  • These files are too large to be sent in an email
  • Who edited these pictures?
  • Can you send the videos again, I can't find them anymore
  • Who deleted my files from the shared drive
  • Do we have rights to use these files?

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What is the business value of digital asset management software?

  • a file with a speed watch icon

    File searches

    Reduces time on file searches

  • pen inside the setting image icon

    Business processes

    Strengthens the agility of business processes

  • people connections icon

    Partner relationships

    Improves partner relationships with better collaborative processes and materials

  • speedmeter icon


    Reduces time spent downloading files and importing between different tools

  • Thumb up icon

    Internal processes

    Creates effective internal processes for sharing files

  • heart icon

    Brand expression

    Strengthens and unifies brand expression

  • a speedometer with a heart icon


    Reduces time to market

  • a magnifying glass diving into three sections icon

    Compliance and risk management

    Better compliance and risk management for files with limited legal permission for use

  • a logic map and a pen icon

    File management

    Removes bottlenecks in file management