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Delight your customers with a beautiful, user-friendly website. We have the digital competencies to deliver excellent customer experiences and increase your sales online.

Sale of products and services online

At Novicell, we currently provide solutions to many different types of companies and master a wide range of commerce platforms available in the market. One of our most important tasks is to provide guidance and advice to our customers when it comes to creating the most optimal e-commerce solution, which often needs to support multiple channels, target groups, platforms, customer journeys, markets, and brands.

Our very own e-commerce platform built for you     

We have developed our very own e-commerce solution specifically tailored to you. It starts with in-depth feasibility and needs analysis, with the final product being a complete enterprise e-commerce platform that supports your existing business processes and model. We are not just technology suppliers but partners striving to grow your e-commerce business. We create real value by collating your business needs into one e-commerce platform. 

Novicell’s e-commerce platform features

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    Our solution is subdivided into smaller modules which can be independently created, modified, replaced or exchanged as desired (e.g. CRM, PIM, DAM, ERP and CMS).

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    The platform can be extended with additional systems for maximising capacity or function expansion. The individual subsystems can be changed and upgraded as needed.

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    License freedom

    Our solution is unlicensed which gives you full ownership of your product; you can change it and develop it as you wish once the solution is live.

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    We can deliver your solution in your company’s existing visual identity, or make it flexible so you can build visual subdomains for your different brands.

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    High-speed performance

    Our platform provides fast load times and can handle large numbers of visitors to your site at once.

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    Project management

    Our team of diligent project managers are committed to tracking the development of your project and provide you with full transparency throughout.

Find the solutions that match your business

We live in a world where the number of channels, methods, technologies, and platforms is constantly growing and getting faster and faster. That's why we're ready to help you find the right solution that matches your business, whether it's growing a B2C company or developing a well-established B2B company. Our approach to e-commerce puts your business at the centre. We develop enterprise-level e-commerce systems scaled to your business needs and ambitions, enabling you to take ownership of your business and get the most out of your retail solution.


The first day of Power’s web shop launch saw a dramatic increase in both traffic and turnover. This included over 854,588 site visitors and over £2 million profit instore and online.


Arriva’s PendlerPlus – a user-friendly web app - receives high praise from both commuters and Arriva itself as Denmark’s second largest train operator.

“The cooperation and dynamics of the development process have been excellent. You can’t look up a book and read about how a commuter web app should work or look, so the collaboration was crucial. Novicell has been great at finding solutions that are user-friendly and easy for us to handle”.  

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Anders Rasmussen – Customer and Quality Manager
Arriva Denmark

We are technology agnostic

Large ‘pre-packaged’ e-commerce software products are often built with one business model in mind, but what if your business doesn’t suit this ‘one size fits all’ approach?  

Here at Novicell, we are technology agnostic, meaning we only develop e-commerce solutions that consider your specific current and future business needs. Ultimately, technology is our tool, not our goal.

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Business fit

What we do matches our clients and their future. The platform lifecycle itself should align with the digital roadmap in place and the constraints that may exist.

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Modern architecture

We need to be able to scale when necessary. All data should flow in real time. Everything should also be API-driven to trigger processes in other systems.

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Best-of-breed technologies

At Novicell, we have been advocating a best-of-breed approach to system selection for many years. This means choosing the digital tools that best solve the task for a given client's needs should be possible. As a digital partner, this enables us to connect digital devices with the right architecture for a well-functioning platform.

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Stability and longevity

We prioritise platform and standard solutions over custom solutions: more configuration and less coding. Our customers should not be the first movers in critical business areas regarding technologies. This approach allows us to avoid critical errors and startup issues.

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Our clients should not be tied to a single supplier or us. This means there must be at least two suppliers of the specific service in the market before we choose to use it. Additionally, our clients should fully own their code so they are not locked into using our services.

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We can deliver your solution in your company’s existing visual identity or make it flexible so you can build visual subdomains for your different brands.

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Project management

Our team of diligent project managers are committed to tracking the development of your project and providing you with full transparency throughout.

Novicell's technology model 

In implementing new and existing solutions, Novicell has developed a technology model. The technology model has emerged because, for many years, Novicell has been building solutions from scratch and experiencing the complexity it entails. However, things have changed since then, thanks partly to technological advancements. The market now offers a range of standard platforms and frameworks that solve the customer's problem just as well, if not better, with significantly lower risk and time to market. 

  • Platforms

    We strive to address the customer's needs by finding platforms that meet those needs. If there is no existing platform, we explore the market for standards and frameworks.

  • Standards/Frameworks

    Suppose there is no market platform that adequately addresses the customer's needs. In that case, we begin searching for standards and frameworks that can help ensure an efficient implementation with lower risk.

  • Custom-built

    If no platforms or standards are available on the market, and the customer's requirements differ significantly from others, we choose to build a custom solution.

What does the future hold for commerce?

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    Adapt to the fast-paced tech world with API-first commerce solutions. Changes can be made swiftly, allowing you to keep up with the market without starting from scratch.

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    Create flexibility by integrating the best third-party services into your system. Shift your focus from SaaS compatibility to your commerce possibilities.

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    Commerce is constantly evolving. Headless solutions enable you to keep up by helping you navigate market shifts, traffic peaks, and more.

  • High performance

    Modern commerce solutions come with automatic maintenance and seamless updates. Composable platforms deliver an excellent customer experience, even while you're tinkering around in the backend.

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    Omni or Multi-channel

    Turn your commerce dreams into reality with flexible solutions. Dream big and leverage a strong foundation to support all digital channels with the same infrastructure.

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    Lower long-term maintenance costs and on-demand pricing options are available with several modern headless solutions.


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