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Mouseflow is a Danish-developed platform for analyzing user behavior on websites to enhance user experience and conversion optimization.


Through heatmaps, recordings, funnels, and user feedback, Mouseflow enables companies to identify challenges on their websites and enhance the user experience.

Link to Mouseflow.com

Why choose Novicell?

Novicell works intensively with Mouseflow as an analytical tool. We ensure that you get the most out of your Mouseflow implementation and can advise you to make actionable decisions.

Our specialists are continuously trained in new features and can therefore always assist with all aspects of analyzing your users' behavior.

You have the freedom to decide how often and how much you want to use Mouseflow, and you are not dependent on Novicell. You own your data.

Advantages with Mouseflow

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    Easy to set up

    Setup is done through simple scripts or Google tag manager.

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    Easy to analyze

    Through heatmaps, recordings, funnels, and filters, you can quickly identify where users drop off, click in vain, focus, etc.

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    Make informed decisions

    Mouseflow provides the crucial "why" that data analysis alone can't, helping make business-critical decisions.

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    Suitable for various industries

    Mouseflow meets the behavioral analysis needs of businesses across various industries.

Why choose Mouseflow?

✔ Improve user experience and increase conversions with Mouseflow. Make informed decisions based on user behavior data. ✔ Integrate Mouseflow with your analytics tools. With over 500 APIs and headless options, you have unlimited flexibility to connect your product data stored in Mouseflow to any system, platform, or channel you need. ✔ Doesn't impact your website's speed. The Mouseflow script doesn't load until all other content is loaded, so users don't experience delays because of it.

Novicell has been very accommodating and flexible throughout the entire process, which has required a significant effort from all parties involved, as the modernization of our existing platform necessitated a lot of clarification and new development. The improved frontend that is now underway is our first step together. We look forward to the series of upcoming enhancements, just around the corner, that will further elevate the customer experience.


Foto af Peter Bagge
Peter Bagge, Founder & Direktør