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At Novicell we make videos. Lots of videos. Both for ourselves and for our customers. And we want to help you too!

Shall we make a video?

Yes - there is now no doubt about that. Everything points in the direction of more and more video content in the coming years, so it's about getting on the bandwagon - and at the same time standing out from the crowd. At Novicell, we help you to lay out the right strategy for the use of videos, so that - based on the user's needs - it fits into your overall channel and content strategy. With our full competence apparatus behind us, we ensure that your videos have the optimal effect, so that you experience increased conversion and good ROI.

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of all internet traffic will be made up of video in 2022

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times more likely to rank highest on Google with video on your site

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of online users prefer video content from their favourite brands

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watch more than ¾ of a video

Example: Interview

Customer: AS3 Executive

Most businesses can make videos now. The trick is to do it professionally, so that form and content stand out positively - without having to invest in an expensive commercial. And here, Novicell is just the right supplier. Along the way, Novicell challenged the structure of the video, and it became a crucial recommendation. The message was sharper, and the result worked much better for SoMe.

citat af Mette Skole Mikkelsen fra AS3 Executive | Novicell digital konsulenthus
Mette Skole Mikkelsen
Marketing Manager, AS3 Executive

Why Novicell is the right video partner

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    User focus

    We always start from the user's needs and work with video messages that support the many stages of the customer journey.

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    As with the rest of our business, we are data-driven in our work with your videos. We set goals and follow up on the results.

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    Our digital consultants are experts in search optimisation, so we give your videos the best conditions to hit the desired target group and achieve maximum exposure.

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    We are a company full of digital experts. Therefore, of course, we ensure that video production becomes a natural part of your overall digital strategy.

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    We follow up the production with impact measurements of SEO, CTR and objectives so that we jointly ensure the optimal effect of your videos.

Case: Nature experiences with the WOW factor

Customer: WOW Park

It has been a great pleasure to work with Aske and his team while preparing our film. Hyper-efficient, uncomplicated, high level of professionalism and a really good result is a fair way to describe the process as I see it from my side of the table.

Jacob Hindhede
Director, WOW Park

Feel the pulse in the fairytale forest

WOW Park is a different type of amusement park with a focus on good values: Quality time with the family combined with a beautiful experience in nature. And what better way to demonstrate it than with a mood film from the park? At WOW Park, the body is the focus - both right up in the treetops and down on the forest floor. Novicell's video team felt this on their own bodies when they spent a summer day in the park with a happy family - which of course fits into the core target group for the amusement park in West Jutland.

Versions for all platforms

In addition to the mood film for the website, WOW-Park received several shorter films, cut specifically for Facebook, Instagram and Instagram Stories. Our online experts know the customer's business and thus ensure that the versions match the customer's USPs and support their existing marketing flow. At the same time, the films' technical specifications ensure that they perform as best as possible on the individual platforms. All recordings were made on the same day, so once the mood film was in place, it only required one extra day in the editing room before WOW Park received a tailor-made package with versions for all digital channels.

We have had a very good collaboration with Novicell regarding our new film. We have received different versions of the film, each of which is adapted to each individual online channel. Novicell's competence in the field and the quality of the films are top notch!

Kaj T. Braüner
Sales and Marketing Manager, WOW Park

Video can help with:

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    Increase conversion with product videos

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    User behaviour

    Support the digital user behaviour

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    Exude professionalism

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    Increase visibility on Google

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    Create living campaigns

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    Company culture

    Put pictures to the words – for example your company culture

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    Provide a quick and understandable presentation of product areas, theories and culture

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    Visual Element

    Create a visual, attractive element on the website

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    Create a 'universe'

    Give the feeling of a 'universe'

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    Show creativity

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    Authentic communication

    Create a strong relationship with users through authentic communication

Novicell has produced our latest advertising film, which perfectly captures the atmosphere here at Aarhus Central Workshop and in Smedien. Music, pictures and moods from a fantastic day with conference guests and our Food Court in the courtyard appear exactly as we would wish. The film gives the recipient an authentic and professional experience of the product and the quality we deliver. We can most warmly recommend Novicell and we thank them for the absolutely perfect commercial.

Citat af Henriette Eli Petersen fra Centralværkstedet | Novicell digital konsulenthus
Henriette Eli Petersen
General Manager, Aarhus Central Workshop

Selected companies we have helped with videos

Example: Product video

Customer: ABA Design & Living