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Data management

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What is data management?

Get help connecting, storing and organising data so you can use it properly.

Data washing and quality assurance

Data quality is important to your business. Poor data quality can affect your business - both operationally and strategically - therefore we recommend always having updated and validated data in your company. Being able to provide correct and up-to-date data can be the key to long-term success and confidence in the decisions that are made. Part of data quality is data washing – where unnecessary data and duplicates are sorted out so that your company has the best database to achieve your business goals. Good and reliable data quality can lead to better productivity and more thorough decision-making.

We work with six different concepts within data quality:

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    Semantic alignment

    Ensuring expressions and words have the same meaning throughout the business so that no misunderstandings can arise.

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    Sufficient data

    That you have a sufficient data set, where all rows have the same structure.

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    That your data is consistent across the board and in all datasets. For example, that the customer's address is identical, regardless of where you look.

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    That your data is correct and shows what you want.

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    That the data you have is as current as the requirement in the business.

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    Data structure

    That the structure of your data supports the remaining points.

A single customer view

A single customer view (SCV) collects data from various online and offline data sources, then matches and merges the data for each individual customer. We often use a customer data platform (CDP), which also functions as a database, which uses the SCV and makes it available for your marketing tools. The benefits of using a single customer view are accurate data about your customers, which you can use to segment and create personalisation strategies for relevant and engaging marketing campaigns.

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