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Social media

Be strategically present on social media - and get your target group to convert

Social media – this is where you should be

Even if you're not there, your customers are – and they're talking about your brand with or without you. On Facebook, for example, pages are generated automatically if someone writes a review of a business or checks in to its location. And then suddenly you are present without having made a conscious choice about it.

Think about your target audience for the channel

Many companies consider which channels are appropriate for their brand before concentrating on the behaviour of their target audience. That prioritisation should be completely turned upside down, so that you always put together your setup on social media based on the target group you want to capture. A technically heavy B2B company does not necessarily have to be only on LinkedIn, while a creative company with a freer tone does not have to be on Instagram or Snapchat either. It's about meeting the target group where they are and speaking to their reality - and being true to your brand and your tone of voice.

Effective and measurable communication

Like all other communication, communication on social media must of course also be part of a higher strategic purpose. That purpose must be considered in everything from community management to social advertising and can be, for example:

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    Sale of certain products

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    Sign up for newsletter

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    Increased visibility

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    Collection of leads

A process with Novicell always starts with defining the goals for your measures, your KPIs and how you follow up on them. In this way, you get a constant focus on the effect of your presence - also on social media.

Selected companies we have helped with advertising on social media