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YouTube advertising

Novicell are specialists in YouTube advertising

Be where your customers are!

Our dear YouTube is now common knowledge. That is why you should also be visible in the world's 2nd largest display window. Support, educate, engage and convince your customers. Over a billion hours of YouTube are played worldwide every single day. This provides a potentially large reach and makes YouTube an exciting platform with enormous potential.

Novicell helps

Novicell helps you get going with advertising on YouTube and can be helpful with both internal training, sparring as well as setup and execution - depending on your needs. We have helped a large number of companies meet their goals on YouTube. Together with Fårup Sommerland and Musikhuset Aarhus, we have created a successful presence and effective campaigns on YouTube.

YouTube advertising: Video checklist

The basis for effective YouTube campaigns consists of quality content and good video productions. So before you scroll further down the page, here we give you the video checklist - the thorough version that gives you 12 points that will get you started and on target with your video productions.

Optimise your YouTube channel

Many often forget to focus on their own channel when working with YouTube as a medium. A large part will instead be about advertising. However, we believe that the YouTube channel itself is a very important element, not least because it must reflect the company's own expression and act as a landing page in its own way. It is therefore important that the channel appears with a high degree of transparency to the company's website.

Types of YouTube advertising

YouTube offers the possibility of advertising in accordance with many different targeting criteria such as interests, remarketing, topics or demographics. YouTube calls their form of advertising Trueview and divides it into two different forms of advertising: In-stream and In-display.

YouTube In-display

In-display Trueview video ads appear in the search results on YouTube, a bit like you know from regular AdWords ads. In addition, there is also the option of gaining views on the right side of YouTube while a video is playing. Furthermore, the ads appear as promoted suggestions on YouTube's front page. With in-display video ads, you only pay when a visitor clicks on the ad.

YouTube In-stream

In-stream are advertising video ads that appear before the visitor can watch the desired video. The advertisements can be skipped after 5 seconds if the visitor does not find the content interesting. Payment is made when the user has watched 30 seconds of the video or the entire video if it is less than 30 seconds. In-Stream ads are often used for a branding video where you try to spread awareness of the company. It is therefore important that the company's USPs (unique selling points) appear clearly - and preferably early - in the video, so that the user is aware of the sender. Furthermore, it is important that the content is catchy in the first 5 seconds, so that the user is motivated to finish watching the video.

Create engaging content

So it is not enough to just make advertisements and other commercial content, but it is a good idea to devise a strategy for what the purpose and content of the channel should be. This of course depends on the type of company and industry. Therefore, the channel's content must also reflect the purpose. Is the purpose to sell products, branding or increase awareness? Next, consider who the target audience for the channel is and what value you want to deliver to them. It is important to think about the target group when developing videos, as these should reflect their behaviour, interests and needs.