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Digital Agency Defies Brexit: Growth in the UK

Published April 21, 2021 By Anders Holt

Digital Agency Defies Brexit: Growth in the UK

On 19 April 2021, bureaubiz.dk published an article about Novicell’s growth in the UK despite Brexit and the global pandemic. Here’s a short summary in English.

Digital agencies are not the ones who have been most exposed to the problems that COVID-19 has brought, but when you are a company the size of Novicell, there is a risk of having customers who need to pause or even stop their activities.

The recent financial report, however, shows that Novicell has endured the last year well, which, among other things, can be attributed to growth in the international departments – including the UK office.

‘When everything closed down in March, we feared the worst. We had many customers who put all their digital activities on hold, and the warm leads we had went cold as a March night. But we managed to adjust, and we found our way in a new reality where the digital transformation has been put in focus across management boards like never before, and – in view of the circumstances – we are satisfied,’ says Per Kirchner, Group CEO of Novicell.

The agency's international departments have grown by 20%, while the office in London has grown 30%.

‘When we started the year, Brexit was one of the great unknowns in our business. It has made the recruitment situation a bit more difficult, but besides that, it hasn’t affected our business in a negative way. On the contrary, we have experienced a big increase in particularly large, international companies seeking a digital partner who is more than just a digital agency, but also a consultant house that understands business and helps to lift companies digitally,’ says Per Kirchner.

Novicell is headquartered in Denmark and has international offices in London, Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Oslo and Amsterdam.

Per Kirchner believes that the agency overall has been strengthened by the Coronavirus crisis.

‘Like many other companies, we have adjusted to a new reality, which in many ways has made us more effective. I think we are going to spend much less time on transport between our departments, and we’ve also found out that much of our daily contact can be done online. In addition, we can see that our employees are incredibly effective when working from home, so I also think we are going to maintain a culture where employees work where it suits them best. It will give us happier and more efficient employees,’ says Per Kirchner.

Read the full article (in Danish) here: https://bureaubiz.dk/dansk-digitalt-bureau-trodser-brexit-gaar-frem-i-england/