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Former Novicell Director Starts Business Focused on Speed

Published June 2, 2020 By Anders Holt

Former Novicell Director Starts Business Focused on Speed

Press release from Enterspeed.

E-commerce companies underestimate the importance of load time. If companies reduce load time by just one second, they can significantly increase revenue and traffic, says former Novicell Director Toke Lund, now founder and CEO of the newly-formed Enterspeed.

Internet users are impatient – so impatient that it costs online stores billions of pounds in lost revenue. Google figures show that 53% of mobile device visitors leave a website if it takes more than three seconds to load.

Furthermore, slow load time results in poorer ranking on Google and means that companies need to spend more money and resources to drive traffic to the site.

New focus area

The importance of load time for business revenue has led some of the world's largest online businesses to prioritise speed. Walmart has increased its revenue by 10% by increasing the speed of their site by one second, while Zalando has increased revenue by 7% after improving load time. At BBC, 10% of media business visitors are lost every second waiting for an article to open.

Speed will be a major focus area in our industry in the coming years. There is tremendous untapped potential, and it is not difficult to address the problems that companies are facing, says Toke Lund.

Own platform

Enterspeed has developed a platform that is embedded between the company's various IT systems and the website with which users interact. The platform ensures maximum speed of all the data that is retrieved from the various systems of the companies.

This means that companies do not have to do anything about their current systems, says Toke Lund. - We just put in an engine that can extract the data quickly and safely, and at the same time, it ensures a modern infrastructure.

Toke Lund has previously been Head of Digital at the largest retail group in Denmark and left a position as Director of International Business Development at Novicell to start Enterspeed. Enterspeed enters the market as an independent, international company focusing on the very largest web solutions. Novicell has an 80% ownership stake in the new business and is excited about the future opportunities this venture presents.

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