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Molslinjen is a Danish ferry company operating services between Jutland and Zetland for both private and commercial operators. Their three super ferries are among the largest catamaran ferries in the world.

Data analysis provides the solution

Molslinjen approached us with a desire to communicate customer service information quickly and efficiently. This would cover information regarding the purchased product and ferry crossing, but more importantly, the marketing of tickets and special promotions to pre-identified customers at the right time based on personalised data. To achieve this, Molslinjen were advised to carry out data analysis and invest in business intelligence (BI).

What we achieved

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    Increased customer satisfaction and higher loyalty

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    Increased customer lifetime value

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    Faster and more accurate communication with customers

Advanced marketing automation engine and data warehouse

Together with Molslinjen, our Business Intelligence specialists built an advanced marketing automation engine and data warehouse for BI and analytics. This would allow Molslinjen to easily create campaign segmentations in the CRM based on customer-specific data on tickets purchased, trips made, passengers, vehicles, online behaviour and purpose of travel.
This data can be used to create campaigns targeting guests based on geography and adapted to customers’ travel patterns, vacations and weather etc.

"We have now created a strong data-driven business development to strengthen our sales and customer loyalty. At the same time, it has given us a clearly improve dialogue with the customers and thus an opportunity to make them even more satisfied.”

Jesper Skovgaard, Commercial Director