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Randers Social & Healthcare College

Randers Social & Healthcare College is a Vocational Education Centre with departments in Randers and Grenaa, Denmark. Each year around 800 pupils follow the programmes and courses hosted at the school. They primarily teach within the fields of health, care and pedagogy.

New website reflects user behaviour

User research provided an essential foundation for the new website strategy. We conducted a series of workshops and interviews with a target group of potential students to better understand their behaviour and expectations for the new website. This analysis allowed us to create a customised website that is truly relevant to its users.

Our solution consisted of

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    UX pre-analysis

    The new website solution is based on solid user research and creates an optimal product for users

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    Umbraco CMS solution

    The platform is built in Umbraco, the flexible and editor-friendly CMS

  • Digital Consultancy

    Outstanding digital design

    The design creates a rich experience for the user and presents information in a clear and purposeful way

Tailored Umbraco integrations

It was incredibly important for Randers Social & Healthcare College to continue using their management system - Easy A. This system is an essential tool used by business education programs to handle courses and enrolments. We insured the integration of ‘Easy A’ into their new Umbraco solution. This resulted in efficient Easy A usage across the CMS, making it easier for users to navigate the many different courses and course information in Easy A.

"It has been a big task to create the new website, but the collaboration with the team at Novicell has been good and made the process much faster. We are very satisfied!” 

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Trine Puggaard, Communications Officer
Randers Social & Healthcare College