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Waoo is Denmark’s leading provider of internet, television, and telephony via fibre network. It is headquartered in Tilst near Aarhus but collaborates with local partners across Denmark. In January 2019, Waoo needed a new website built in Umbraco CMS. We built a performance-optimised sales solution that secures their prominent position in the market.

Smart solutions for a competitive market 

Waoo were faced with the challenge of tripling sales made through their digital channels by 2020. To do so, it was crucial to implement a new platform that could optimise the customer purchase flow by making it clearer and simpler. We built their new solution in Umbraco which is now able to create a strong and well-thought-out foundation for the development of the buyer’s journey.  

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    Internet service provider of the year

    For eight years running, Waoo has topped customer satisfaction surveys as the best internet provider in Denmark

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    Increased efficiency

    An API integrates the partner suppliers' business systems so that orders do not have to be processed manually between Waoo and fibre suppliers

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    Enhanced customer service

    Customers can check their coverage on the new site which draws them out of manual handling e.g., a call to customer services

Microservice architecture

A critical feature for Waoo has been to provide a platform that ensures both flexibility in developing the business with new product areas and functionality. Microservice architecture enables this flexibility in terms of integrating new systems and replacing existing ones to develop the platform in line with their business needs.

CMS guides customers naturally towards sales

Umbraco is a user-friendly CMS that naturally guides the user to make a conversion. With Umbraco, all image elements are replaced by graphics, icons and text to remove any superfluous features that may distract user attention.

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Solution highlights

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    Powerful integrations

    API integrations provide seamless interactions with subcontractors as users do not have to leave Waoo’s site to make contact

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    Intelligent use of data

    Behaviour and segmentation data is retrieved from the customer database which enables Waoo to send out targeted e-mails

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    Improved UX

    Potential friction between Waoo and subcontractors is resolved by smooth user experiences across the website