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Novicell is a leading Drupal development company. We have launched more than 30 Drupal solutions and have won several Drupal Splash Awards for the best customer solutions.


Drupal can be chosen both as a CMS platform for managing website content and as a commerce platform qua Drupal Commerce. Worldwide, more than 1,000,000 companies have chosen to build their digital presence on Drupal. Drupal uses the coding language PHP and is an open source technology, which means that the source code is freely available to everyone, and can be downloaded from Drupal.org and built upon completely free of charge. In the global Drupal community, a large number of modules have been created which can be built on top of Drupal Core.

Link to drupal.org

Why choose Novicell?

A successful digital presence requires a CMS platform or a world-class webshop. A platform that is user-friendly, scalable and future-proof. One such CMS platform is Drupal.

We have launched more than 30 major, complex Drupal solutions and have 13 developers who are highly specialised in the Drupal platform. We have over 20 years of experience with PHP, which is the technology behind Drupal. We have delivered websites, complex integrations, ecommerce solutions, self-service solutions, intranet solutions, multisite solutions, international solutions with language versions and many other solutions based on Drupal.

We have won several Drupal Splash Awards for our state-of-the-art Drupal customer solutions.

Drupal Splash Awards: Danish Red Cross

Novicell is an award-winning consultancy company. We have, among other things, won two Drupal Splash Awards for our solutions for the Danish Red Cross. In 2019, we won the Drupal Splash Award in the category Best Interest Organization Website with the rodekors.dk solution. The organisation's overall brand site rodekors.dk tells the story of the Danish Red Cross. Likewise, in 2019 we won the Drupal Splash Award in the category Best Social/Community solution with the mitrodekors.dk solution. The two websites are built in Drupal 8 and share a large part of the code base.

Drupal Splash Awards: VVS-Eksperten

The solution for VVS-Eksperten won silver in the year's Best E-commerce solution category at the Drupal Splash Awards 2019. The VVS-Eksperten webshop has more than 20,000 item numbers and via a full integration to Navision, prices and stock status are extracted from all 27 stores.


Novicell Premium

We created Novicell Premium - an advanced plug-and-play solution built on top of Drupal that works out of the box and is designed to grow with your business. Novicell Premium is the package of our best practice in web development, which we have turned into a foundation on which your Drupal solution starts. It enables your business to get started quickly and cost-effectively.

Benefits of Drupal

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    No licence costs

    Open source. There are no ongoing licences. A large global community contributes to the constant development of Drupal

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    Ease of use and editor roles

    Drupal is user-friendly for editors and excels in its role management options for editors

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    Good integration with business systems

    Drupal is suitable as a commerce solution, e.g. By virtue of good integrations to external systems

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    Possibility of using fully tested modules and packages

    Drupal consists of a number of different modules that can be built on top of Drupal Core.

We have a really good collaboration with very skilled and committed people at Novicell. They have a good understanding of our business and they manage to translate that into online  solutions. This gives us an advantage in the market.

Helle Lykke Boyding, Communications Consultant