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Headless CMS

Headless is an approach that ensures effective support for multiple digital channels on the same solution architecture. It’s an increasingly popular way to develop.

Why choose headless?

Headless is the separation of the front-end user experience and the back end of an application. This makes your website content accessible without needing a front-end or presentation layer. It allows digital channels to have individual designs and multiple data sources based on the same solution architecture.  

Watch our video, where we explain all about headless architecture in just 60 seconds. 

The future of headless

We have a long history of implementing headless solutions. The first steps towards separating the presentation layer and the platform were taken in 2015. Today, the majority of new projects are implemented in a headless fashion. At Novicell, we see the adoption of headless as a step towards replacing custom frontend development and embracing "frontend as a service." This is an area that is still being consolidated in the market, and we are closely following the developments.

Headless highlights

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    Multichannel setup

    With Headless architecture, you can create personalised experiences across various devices and channels, taking your user experience to the next level.

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    Advanced website longevity

    Substitute or redesign your website without impacting your CMS. Ultimately, they are separate and will not affect each other.

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    Easily upgrade your CMS

    There is no website code lingering in the CMS – this makes it more clean, upgradable and easier to maintain.

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    Tighter security

    With Headless architecture, you can restrict your front-facing website from the public domain which can help with tighter security measures.

When is headless relevant?

Headless is not suitable for all business models. The two main factors are the requirement for multiple data sources (CMS, Commerce, Search, Personalisation, etc.) and multiple digital channels such as websites, apps, or in-store solutions. In these scenarios, a headless solution is advantageous in terms of efficiency and flexibility. It allows for the support and customisation of channels independently of other sources. If you run a webshop with a single channel and have no intentions of adding more, headless may not suit you.


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