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The Inriver PIM system is globally recognised as user-friendly and a strong channel.


With +700 customers on the platform, Inriver has become an important player in the PIM market. Inriver PIM is a powerful tool for managing product information - from supplier to publication on channels and marketplaces.


The PIM system from inriver keeps track of your data in an easy and clear way. Inriver is user-friendly and integrable. The PIM system creates work procedures and flows that ensure all processes have been followed and data is updated before the products are released in a webshop. With its "elastic data model", Inriver can accommodate complex product data and, due to its modular nature, can be expanded with everything from advanced DAM to integrated performance analyses of your products' conversion rate. Novicell is an inriver Solution Partner and can help you assess needs and solution options on the inriver platform.