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Our experience with the Sitecore platform is vast and includes a range of solutions to satisfy your business needs. We have a team of certified Sitecore developers with a proven and effective approach to development using the Sitecore CMS.

Sitecore Certified Partner

We are a certified Sitecore development partner as recognised by Sitecore themselves. You can trust that we are highly experienced in the Sitecore platform, and that we deliver what is promised, when it’s promised. We are committed to putting your needs first and helping you get the most out of the platform.

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Holistic approach

Our approach to Sitecore development considers the entire digital journey. We undertake a holistic approach that factors in real people and user-experience into the collaboration. We’ll always consider the wider picture.

Sitecore highlights

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    Personalised experiences

    Nurture your customers throughout their journey with personalised and relevant content delivered in real time through the Sitecore platform. This could be based on your customers’ search history, site visits, purchases etc.

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    Your Sitecore solution can be scaled up or down to suit you. There are plenty of Sitecore modules to expand your digital ecosystem and keep the Sitecore platform relevant to your growing business needs.

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    Sitecore commerce

    Sitecore can form your entire e-commerce infrastructure. Sitecore Commerce brings enterprise level e-commerce capabilities to this leading digital experience platform.

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    One single integrated solution

    Built to be scaled and developed with Sitecore integrations to other parts of your business infrastructure, including Microsoft Dynamics Suite and Salesforce Suite.

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    International outlook

    Sitecore is a solution for different language versions on the same site. You can streamline the translation process and utilise effective tools for language versioning and internationalisation.

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    Marketing alliance

    The Sitecore platform aligns with your overall marketing efforts. With marketing automation in Sitecore, you can select segments, develop e-mail flows and send e-mails to specific customer segments at the right time in the buying process.

Sitecore as Digital Experience Platform

An effective CMS is only the beginning. The Sitecore Experience Platform™(XP) also combines customer data, analytics and marketing automation, so you can nurture customers throughout the journey using personalized content in real-time and across all channels.

Create personalized shopping experiences with Sitecore Experience Commerce

With Sitecore®Experience Commerce®(XC), you can build a personalized journey that merges content, commerce and data into one enterprise-level commerce solution. Here you can create storefronts, product pages, shopping baskets, checkouts, accounts and much more. And you can test and optimize campaigns, the user journey and personalization rules.

What is Sitecore OrderCloud?

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A marketplace

OrderCloud is an exciting and innovative way to connect suppliers, sellers and buyers in a unified marketplace.

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A Headless platform

OrderCloud is a headless cloud-based platform that is used by millions of users and has been on the market since 1999 under the name "Four51".

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A simplifying way of doing marketplace interactions

Managing marketplace interactions between suppliers and buyers is often complicated. OrderCloud offers customized marketplace solutions that support your unique business needs

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Here you can provide your suppliers and buyers with an exciting and coherent experience powered by robust workflow automation, order management functions, eProcurement and other user-defined functions.

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Building blocks

Read more about the building blocks of Sitecore OrderCloud on the official site

What is Sitecore OrderCloud?

A 360-degree view of your content landscape with Sitecore Content Hub

Take control of your entire content lifecycle. Sitecore Content Hub™ helps you manage every aspect of your marketing for all your channels with a single, integrated solution. Here, all your assets, media, products and other content have one home. And content production can be planned, scheduled and organized through a structured process.

"Among other things, Novicell has helped us to rethink some of our solutions to make them scalable without becoming more expensive. We have entered a collaboration with a partner who understands the digital journey that we are on.” 

Jesper Daugaard, Senior Vice President


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