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Novicell is a leading development house in WordPress solutions. We have more than five years of experience with WordPress and have built more than 35 solutions for international companies.


WordPress is an open-source CMS behind as many as 43% of the internet’s websites. It's very popular and for many good reasons. WordPress is a CMS for both large and small businesses.


Why choose Novicell? 

A successful digital presence requires a world-class CMS platform. WordPress is a safe choice due to its worldwide distribution alone. Novicell is a leading WordPress development house with over 35 delivered solutions on the WordPress platform. 

Novicell has provided WordPress solutions for public organisations, teaching institutions, hotels and restaurants, liberal professions, and many others. We have a dedicated WordPress Team who are passionate about the system and know it in every detail.  

We tailor the website – you keep the code

We have a dedicated WordPress Team who are constantly improving their skills in the system. We draw on many skills and therefore don’t start from scratch every time. For you as a customer, there is more room to tailor the solutions to your wishes and needs. If you choose to build your website in WordPress, you get a flexible, user-friendly, high-quality solution that can embrace your entire business. You get a code that others can easily take over and doesn't compromise regarding the design.

Most used system

WordPress is the Open-Source CMS behind 43% of the internet’s websites. It’s very popular for many reasons; For instance, it’s a user-friendly system for both user and developer as it’s logically and intuitively structured. At the same time, tons of good plugins can expand the system's functionality almost regardless of what you want. A good example is WooCommerce, which can quickly turn your normal website into a webshop. Your storage system, financial system and payment system can be integrated here.

Benefits of WordPress

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    No license costs

    Open-source. There are no ongoing licenses, and you get access to thousands of free plug-ins.

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    Quality assured system

    Solid and well-built core, as well as a high and stable performance.

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    Incredibly user-friendly content editing and great options for user management.

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    Widely used

    43% of the internet is built on WordPress. For this reason, it is a system known to many developers, making it easy for new hands to take over the code.