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Five Reasons Why Pharmaceutical Companies Need a Good Website

If 2020 has taught us anything, it is that, now more than ever, everything happens online. Without the freedom to travel in and out of public spaces, people have relied heavily on Google and smartphone searches. For pharmaceutical companies, this means all websites must be easily accessible and attractive to new customers – from healthcare professionals to pharmaceutical users.

Published January 14, 2021 By Dennis Twumasi

Five Reasons Why Pharmaceutical Companies Need a Good Website

In this blog post, we will provide you with five reasons why it is essential that you, as a pharmaceutical company, have an appealing and high-functioning website.

1. Appear less intimidating and more approachable

The pharmaceutical field is dominated by strict regulations and hardcore scientific evidence. An abundance of high-level legislation can leave prospective customers, especially those without a pharmaceutical background, feeling alienated or even intimidated. Having a website that is easily accessible, simple to navigate and clear to understand will increase your chances of attracting new customers and driving new leads.

When communicating on your website, try to consider wording and tone of voice. Avoid too much medical jargon and stigmatising language. Refer to patients as 'customers' or 'users' and try to include real testimonials and highlight user stories and transformations where possible. This will add a personable touch to your website and ensure that you are communicating to a wider audience.

2. Communicate directly with target customers

As a pharmaceutical company, you may have to attract healthcare professionals, but also individual product users. This may require you to develop multiple webpages targeting separate customer groups. Whether it be for non-branded, branded or corporate, each type of webpage needs a different look and feel to accommodate the target audience.

Non-branded sites should have a magazine kind of style and maintain a conversational approach to raise awareness about different types of treatments, and the experience of each. Branded sites will aim to educate and explain the clinical processes behind pharmaceutical treatments, so they must adopt a formal approach and follow a more rigid structure.

3. Convey your expertise and increase your credibility

While it is important for you to appear approachable, your website should also be highly professional as you want customers to trust your brand and expertise. Having a high-performing website stacked with professional and quality information will increase your credibility as a pharmaceutical company that customers can rely on.   

4. Turn your website into a business driver

Legal and Regulatory Affairs have a big say when it comes to external pharmaceutical communication, and advertising of medicinal products is tightly controlled. Make sure that your website is built on a platform that supports these regulatory requirements.

Social promotion is quite often a no-go, but you can still generate leads with a high-performing website. For example, consider implementing a location finder on your website to make it possible for customers to find the nearest clinic to book in for a treatment.

5. Save time and resources

We can appreciate that your business will be extremely busy. You can’t be available at every hour to answer every client query. With a good website, you don’t need to be. Inbound activity can be monitored, and leads can be generated, even outside of business hours. A simple chatbot feature can act as your office receptionist and salesperson all-in-one. Now you can focus on the more pressing issues.

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