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Sinclair Pharma

Sinclair Pharma is an aesthetics company producing aesthetic products that target clinical demand for effective, high quality, longer duration, natural-looking and minimally invasive treatments. A truly global company, Sinclair Pharma participates in the international marketplace through operations in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, North America and Brazil. 

A new Umbraco platform born overseas

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What we did

Sinclair Pharma was looking for a technological partner that could help manage their online presence and coordinate performance across their international corporate, branded product and consumer sites. Beyond this, they needed a solution that could increase awareness and interest in their treatments, whilst explaining how their treatments worked to a wide audience.

Multiple websites in one

Being a global aesthetics company, Sinclair needed multiple international websites and a centralised platform in which to manage them. We created several websites, for non-branded product, branded product and corporate purpose, each with a different look and feel to suit the target audience. The solution was built on Umbraco with Novicell Umbraco Premium scaled on top. This enabled Sinclair to manage their multiple websites and diverse content using just one Content Management System (CMS).

‘Before-and-after' slider

As a beauty-related site, it was critical for Sinclair to include before and after photos to showcase their products and build trust with their customers. This feature needed to be user-directed and demonstrate a clear transformation. We developed a sliding functionality to allow site users to drag the images back and forth.

Clinic finder

We developed an embedded clinic finder to allow consumers to find their nearest clinic with directions and contact information. All these interactions would be tracked, and the reported insights made instantly available to Sinclair to optimise action.

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New websites rolled out in days

Sinclair Pharma’s global marketing team needed a solution that could quickly launch new websites into different countries to keep pace with international expansion. Novicell Premium works as an active tool to enable Sinclair to easily duplicate websites for new international markets.

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Continued collaboration

Since the first website launch, Novicell and Sinclair Pharma have been working closely together on increasing traffic, creating new features and updating functionality. We have since launched several new websites and are continuously optimising across all sites.  

"With the new website, we’re able to showcase how our facial aesthetics treatments work and highlight our partner physicians. We also have an effective CMS supporting all our regional teams’ needs and providing a much more user-friendly experience. Most importantly, our digital business model has turned into a true business driver.”

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Dave Baldwin, Head of Digital
Sinclair Pharma