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Umbraco vs Wordpress

Wordpress vs Umbraco? What is the better fit? Do you need, or want to change your company's website? Do you know which platform is best to achieve your objectives?

Published November 22, 2017 By Mikkel Keller Stubkjær

Umbraco vs Wordpress

Which is the better fit for your business? 

Your marketing team may be debating whether to choose a CMS such as Wordpress or Umbraco. If so, ask yourself the following: What am I seeking to achieve? What are my objectives?

Both Wordpress and Umbraco offer excellent solutions. To help you decide we will use this article to try to get to the bottom of the advantages and disadvantages of each platform, but more from a marketing perspective than focusing on the technical aspects.

What is Wordpress?

Wordpress is open-source software that allows you to create websites and blogs. It has become one of the most popular content management systems (CMSs) in the blogosphere. The reason for its growth and popularity is due to its ease of use, as well as its range of templates and plugins.

Advantages of using Wordpress


  • Ideal for those who don't like to have to "fiddle with code". The platform supplies users with a wide variety of templates to create and maintain a website on their own. This is one of the features that has helped it gain popularity among users who are not developers.

Unlimited resources

  • As we have already mentioned, you can select from a wide variety of templates and plugins to create a tailor-made website. It is worth noting that some are free, whilst you have to pay for others.

Technical support

  • Wordpress is supported by an active community of developers who help other uses to resolve any queries and problems with the platform. There several forums about this CMS. 

SEO friendly

  • Wordpress and Google get along well. There is a wide variety of plugins available to help promote the position of the websites in Google's search engines.

Disadvantages of using Wordpress

As we will see below, it's not all roses for Wordpress.  


  • One of the platform's greatest issues is its vulnerability. It can become infected or be attacked due to the high number of templates and plugins that have been incorrectly created. It has thousands of features, which is good, but also makes it more vulnerable to hackers. It is worth noting that three out of every four websites that are hacked are Wordpress sites.

Need for resources

  • Wordpress templates are very basic and you have to add a few plugins to make the page more effective. At the same time, the more plugins you add, the slower the page will load because it will need more resources.

What is Umbraco?

Umbraco is an Open Source content management platform preferred by developers across the world, that works using Microsoft infrastructure. The system is complex to configure; it normally requires a web developer to implement it, but it is fully extensible and its capacity for growth is practically unlimited.

Advantages of using Umbraco

Open source

  • Every day, improvements are released by a collaborative community of passionate developers. As well as being free to use, you have the full freedom to modify it for any purpose.

Official support 

  • There is official support provided from the central office in Denmark, or via its global network of Gold Partners.


  • Umbraco allows you to get a project off the ground more quickly. It is perfect for phase one of the project, but it is essential to have visibility of the future path of the CMS to ensure that you are aligned for the subsequent development phases.

Very flexible

  • It is capable of managing simple websites or large projects with thousands of pages with high traffic. It can be personalised to meet your needs.

Easy to use

  • It is a fast and user-friendly system that has been designed to optimise productivity.


  • It can be used both for small and simple websites through to larger, more complex and professional websites.


  • It has different levels and cache strategies that, together with its rapid indexing system, improve the performance of the website.


  • The upper loading speed has been improved in the latest versions of Umbraco. 

Disadvantages of using Umbraco

Even though it is a great platform, Umbraco also has its disadvantages.

It requires expert developers  

  • The platform was created and designed more for developers than for users. While its usability is debatable, it is still better than Wordpress. 

Now we have explored both the Wordpress and Umbraco platforms, and their advantages and disadvantages, we must return to the original question. Do you know which platform is most suitable to achieve your objectives?

Both platforms are powerful and are used by large brands across the world. If what you really need is a professional website that may require significant expansion, then Umbraco is the best solution (it is better at supporting more complex data structures). However, if what you need is a website where the content is updated on a daily basis, such as a blog, it might be better to use Wordpress.  

Ultimately, the decision about Wordpress vs Umbraco should be based on client expectations.

The choice of a good CMS is fundamental to your business, and if you want help to make your mind up, you can send an email to Novicell, and we will be delighted to resolve any queries.