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Email Marketing

Create trust, growth, and results with e-mail marketing.

The best channel for targeted content

Email Marketing is much more than just sending out newsletters. Using Email as a channel is beneficial to deliver valuable and relevant content to your customers and leads. Companies must collect data about the customer's digital behaviour and use it intelligently so each customer receives the messages that provide the greatest value and effect. You can target messages directly to the user without paying for the exposure via the inbox.

Possibilities with email marketing

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    Brand and customer relations

    Strengthen your brand and customer relationship.

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    Conversion rate

    Improve your e-commerce conversion rate.

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    Leverage data

    Utilise data for more relevant communication.

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    Warm up your leads for sales.

Newsletters as a part of e-mail marketing

A newsletter can be used differently depending on its purpose. Therefore, it is important to consider the newsletter as part of a larger flow and the overall marketing strategy: When can the newsletter be a relevant touchpoint in the customer journey? What should the newsletter contribute to the other online channels? How can I personalise the content in my newsletter?

Get the most out of your newsletters

We are happy to advise you on how to make optimal use of your newsletter, whether you want to convert potential customers into a sale or maintain the dialogue for a later effort. We do this based on data and by continuously monitoring the performance of your email platform.

We can help you with 

✔   Email marketing strategy

✔   Planning activities for the coming months

✔   Activation of data in your emails

✔   Personalisation of content

✔   Conversion optimisation in your emails

✔   Copywriting

Boost your e-mail marketing with the right permissions

Email marketing requires having someone to engage with. It's about finding and reaching those who may have an interest in your company. Therefore, consider marketing communication permissions collection in all communication aspects related to other online and offline conversions. Always remember to comply with applicable laws in the countries where you operate.

Selected companies we have helped with e-mail marketing

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Collection of marketing communication permissions

It is essential that you establish a "plan" for your new permissions through emails and marketing automation flows. What should happen afterwards when you collect new permission? Does it depend on where and when it was collected? And what is the ultimate goal? With email marketing, segmenting and maintaining existing permissions is particularly important to create loyal customers who find your newsletter relevant and speak well of your company.