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Content marketing

Content marketing will help boost your organic traffic and increase visibility. Our copywriters ideate and create content strategies that are aligned with the rest of your marketing efforts. 

What it is

Content marketing is a branch of online marketing where you create relevant articles, videos, and other media. It has become an integrated part of any marketing strategy due to the digital-dominated age. You work with attracting, engaging, and building a strong relationship with your target audience, which can both be exciting and potential customers. It’s a strategic approach to show your expertise by distributing valuable content. At Novicell, we create content that will increase likes and shares to build customer awareness. The goal is to generate leads and increase conversions.

Why it's important

Many benefits follow doing content marketing, and consistently publishing is an important factor in your success. Creating content helps you build trust with your audience, as you will become their supplier when they need answers to their questions. You will be a reliable source and give them valuable information without necessarily expecting to get anything back. By doing this, you develop a relationship with your audience.   
This leads to the next point, which is your brand reputation. Your brand reputation will be strengthened when people associate you with reliable information and an expert within your field. In the end, this can generate more leads and improve conversions. When your audience is looking to buy a service, it will be a huge advantage that they see you as a trustworthy brand. It can ultimately impact their decision-making to your benefit when choosing a service provider. 

However, it must be stated that the success of content marketing isn’t seen overnight. It demands doing the necessary analysis beforehand, as creating the content is very time-consuming. Still, content marketing plays an incredibly valuable role in the visibility of your website in search engines. Once you get the hold of your technical SEO and it’s at 80-90%, content marketing is (almost) the only way to grow a website without paying for the traffic. For that reason, content marketing is a very important aspect of SEO and your strategy to keep attracting visitors to your page. 

Novicell content audit 

At Novicell, we offer a broad range of services within content marketing. When we help clients with their content marketing, the first step is to assess and evaluate the existing content with a content audit. This helps us give an overview of current strengths, weaknesses, and areas of improvement. It enables us to see how the content is performing, and from there, we strategically plan how to optimise it and plan successful marketing efforts in the future.

Below you can explore the content marketing services we can help you with.

What we do

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    Content gap analysis

    We identify gaps or missing content opportunities within your website’s overall content strategy. We analyse industry trends and look at your competitors to uncover topics that your target audience is searching for. Then we develop ideas to create the content your audience wants to see and to engage potential customers.

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    We write on-point, persuasive texts that will ensure you generate leads, conversions, and sales. The text can appear in various projects such as websites, catalogues, emails, etc. This means we write text for both web, video, print, mobile, and social media.

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    Campaign ideation

    In the ideation process, we help you define your goals and KPIs. We determine your target group and brainstorm concepts that will get their attention. After this follows the steps of building and executing the content campaigns, from which we monitor the results and regularly optimise.

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    Keyword analysis

    Keyword analysis is the process of researching relevant keywords to optimise your content. To pick the right keywords, you must understand the intent of your target group. We know how to strategically select and incorporate those keywords and group them to organise your content. Grouping them is the same as creating topic clusters that cover broader themes and improve search engine visibility.

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    Tone of voice

    The tone of voice is the personality reflected in your brand's communication. It should align with your values and target audience, and it influences your language and style of writing. We know how to apply a consistent tone of voice across all your channels to strengthen your customers’ connection to your brand.

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    Tactical SEO

    Keywords, topic clusters, and internal links. These are the three main components of tactical SEO. All our efforts are based on these elements that favour search ranking and increase traffic value.

Why Novicell

At Novicell, we place the client at the heart of everything we do. We take the time to listen and understand your business, from where we use our expertise to tailor your solution. We understand that each business is different and possess the knowledge and insights necessary to meet your unique needs. Our collaborative approach means we will work closely together as trusted partners, and we believe in building long-term partnerships with our clients. We are dedicated to unlocking your business potential and driving digital growth.