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Inbound marketing

Attract more customers, generate more leads

What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound Marketing is the most effective marketing strategy for attracting, converting, and retaining customers for your business. With the right tools, Inbound Marketing enables you to deliver the right content to the right people at the right time in their user journey. All of this is based on world-class content, your digital marketing platforms, and data. At Novicell, we help you develop the strategy for your Inbound Marketing efforts, focusing on activities that contribute to generating leads and conversions throughout the customer journey. We are also ready to lend a helping hand in executing the strategy through content marketing, marketing automation, or email marketing.

What we specialise in

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    Marketing automation

    With marketing automation, you can communicate personally and relevantly with your customers and leads on a large scale.

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    Data management

    Get help in connecting, storing, and organising data so you can use it correctly.

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    Product recommendations

    Increase conversion rates with personalised product recommendations.

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    Email marketing

    The best channel for targeted content. Build trust, growth, and results – directly through the inbox.

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    User journey

    A fundamental aspect of inbound marketing is to define the target audience and give it life and substance through a set of personas.

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    Many find it difficult to fully benefit from content marketing. We can help you get started.

Attract the right leads with inbound marketing

There is strong offline and online competition for users' attention. Therefore, buying attention from your target audience through paid media is no longer enough. As a marketer, you must earn their time and attention. But how? With Inbound tactics, you can create engaging content that meets users' needs and answers their questions. By analysing personas and the user journey, you can map the digital touchpoints and channels where you should focus your efforts to convert the most valuable leads for your business.

We assist you – no matter where you are on your inbound journey

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    Inbound Strategy

    If you haven't started with Inbound Strategy yet or if your efforts are not achieving the desired results, our senior advisors are ready to help you reach your goals. We guide system selection, data structure, mapping user journeys, and much more.

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    Ongoing monthly collaboration

    Suppose you lack resources in the marketing department or need an extra hand for a period of time. In that case, we can help execute your Inbound Strategy for a shorter or longer period – and at multiple levels. We share ideas, concepts, and setups with you and bring your strategy and plans to life together. We are also happy to assist with copywriting, setting up marketing automation flows, sending email campaigns, and more.

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    Inbound coaching

    If you already have resources in your in-house marketing department but need inspiration or coaching on succeeding with Inbound Marketing, let us help you dive into your industry, business, and competitors. Together, we can explore opportunities for utilising or enhancing your Inbound Marketing efforts to new heights. We act as an external sparring partner and elevate your internal capabilities.

Selected companies we have assisted with Inbound Marketing

Gain the advantage with timely and tailored content

Unlike paid advertisements, with Inbound Marketing, you must time the delivery of content to your potential leads and customers. They are not always receptive to your messages or ready to take action when they first encounter your business. With email marketing and marketing automation, we help you develop a solid nurturing strategy that warms up your leads and prospects, guiding them further along the user journey. At the same time, we disqualify irrelevant leads, saving you time and focusing your efforts where it matters.

Use data as leverage for your efforts

One of the cornerstones of Inbound Marketing is data, and we help you activate your data in a meaningful way for both the user and your business. With good data on your customers and leads, you can ensure relevance and provide real value to your customers. At Novicell, we assist you in collecting and enriching contact data through system integrations, intelligent flows, and creative campaigns. Whether data is managed in a CDP, CRM, or email marketing platform, we optimise your data structure to ensure accuracy and maximise the value of your Inbound Marketing strategy.

We're with you every step of the way

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    The right strategy

    To attract qualified leads and convert them into paying customers, you must lay the foundation with a robust end-to-end Inbound Strategy.

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    Convert your leads

    Once you attract the right visitors to your website, you need to convert them into leads and prospects by using the right call-to-actions and personalised and relevant content.

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    Attract the right leads

    Drive relevant traffic to your website using content marketing, SEO, and social media marketing to increase brand awareness and generate targeted traffic.

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    Retain and create loyal customers by sending valuable, automated, and personalised email content at the right time.

How we work

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    Week 1 discovery meeting

    We’ll first meet to discuss what success looks like to you and determine the milestones we need to achieve them.

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    Weeks 2-4 strategic planning

    We’ll define your buyer personas and their buyers’ journeys by interviewing key stakeholders in your company. We’ll also perform extensive keyword research and conduct a content audit, SEO audit and competitor analysis.

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    Weeks 5-8 strategy creation

    Using the information collected in weeks 2-4, we’ll map out a content plan tailored to each of your buyer personas and agree on how to attract their attention beforehand.

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    Week 7-8 inbound strategy showcase

    When your inbound marketing strategy is finalised, we’ll showcase it and welcome your feedback and industry knowledge to refine the strategy before going live.

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    Weeks 9-10 campaign execution

    Once we’re ready, we’ll work hard to deliver the creative and content elements of the strategy with input and sign off from you at key project milestones.

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    Weeks 24+ review, optimise and reiterate

    Once your strategy has been live for 90 days, we’ll report on how it’s performing each quarter, and what can be done to continue optimisations.