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Search in a webshop

How do you make a user-friendly search in a webshop?

Make it easy for the customer and for Google to find your products in your ecommerce solution

Many ecommerce solutions today can filter products based on price, popularity or recently added. But by making the product specifications searchable and filterable within certain categories, you give the customer far stronger tools to find the relevant product.

The quality of your product data is important for the customer experience in your ecommerce solution

Your search and filtering options are never better than the quality of your product data. For the customer, high uniform data quality in the underlying business systems means a better search function and more filtering options in your ecommerce solution. And for many customers, just searching and filtering are crucial for them, if they want to use the webshop at all.

Good searches are good both for your customers and your colleagues in sales and customer service

There are endless possibilities for categorising and structuring your product data. The section below is therefore just for inspiration. The most important thing is that it makes sense to be able to filter on a given data level for the customer, for your salesperson or the customer service employee, - who often also end up as super users of your search function.

Product data

  • lamp icon

    Stock status

    — The item is in stock — The item is not in stock — The item is sold out from the supplier

  • Glasses icon


    — The fabric in the clothes — The leather in the bag — The type of wood in the furniture — The metal in the screw

  • icon of different lines and symbols


    — Diameter — Length — Shape — Weight

  • three color palet icon

    Colours and patterns

    — Yellow — Neutral colours — Metallic — Dots

  • pen inside the setting image icon


    — Indoors — Outdoors — Wet room — Food approved

  • Message chat icon

    Versions or variants

    — Software version — Ebook or paperback — Year of publication — The amount in the package — The sofa in different colours

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