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BigCommerce offers commerce solutions based on a modern and open SaaS platform. BigCommerce is a member of the MACH Alliance.


BigCommerce has the strength as a commerce platform that it supports a template-based frontend together with a headless infrastructure. This provides a short time of implementation and the opportunity to test new markets, business models and the like on the same platform. BigCommerce is suitable for all types of businesses – from SMV to the enterprise segment.

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Why choose Novicell?

Novicell has extensive experience with headless and frontend-based solutions from other technologies. We have used that experience in selecting BigCommerce as one of our technology partners and as an important piece in our "best of breed" commerce range. 

We are implementing BigCommerce solutions for several international companies that have chosen this powerful commerce platform.

BigCommerce is a member of the MACH Alliance. This is the platform’s stamp of approval, ensuring it’s developed according to modern technology principles.

A part of something bigger

Like Novicell, BigCommerce is a part of the MACH Alliance: An industry-leading alliance focused on a flexible, best-of-breed technology stack of high quality developed according to the MACH principles (Microservices based, API-first, Cloud-native & Headless).

Description of BigCommerce use

BigCommerce positions itself as Open SaaS. The platform is a Software-as-a-Service, as 95% of the platform is accessible via API. This allows many options for application. Open SaaS builds on top of the safety of SaaS – with security, scalability, and continuous updates – and adds flexibility from open source with accessibility via API. That makes BigCommerce suitable as a platform in many contexts and for all sizes of businesses.

Benefits of BigCommerce

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    MACH Alliance membership provides safety

    BigCommerce is built according to MACH principles, ensuring scaling, integrability, and flexibility.

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    All-in-one solution or focused commerce

    The versatility to start with a short template-based implementation with the opportunity to convert to headless in the future.

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    BigCommerce is being used worldwide and lately with great growth in Europe. The technology is well-tested by clients of all sizes and industries.

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    Open SaaS

    The stability of scalability and continuous updates from SaaS, paired with more flexibility, provides great opportunities to support many different needs.