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HubSpot is a CRM platform with tools for marketing, sales, customer service, content management and operations. HubSpot is one of the top user-rated CRM platforms.


HubSpot is a fully integrated solution aimed at companies that want to integrate marketing, sales and customer service and work in a data-driven manner across departments. This can reduce total cost of ownership as you can take a strategic approach to customer data. The intuitive user interface is the same across the company, making deployment easier.

Link to hubspot.com

Why choose Novicell?

It is crucial for a CRM system that it can grow with the needs of a company.
HubSpot can do just that, as the platform can handle the processes in both a very small company and in very large enterprise companies.

A CRM platform should be the company's only source of the truth about customers.
And which gives all front-office teams the opportunity to deepen their relationships with customers and thus give customers the best possible experience.

Novicell has delivered HubSpot solutions for a number of B2C, B2B and interest organisations.

We are, among other things, specialists in making the HubSpot platform integrate optimally with other core platforms of the company via integration development.

HubSpot Diamond Partner

Novicell is a close partner of HubSpot and, as the first Danish-owned consulting company, has achieved HubSpot Diamond Partner status. We know the possibilities of the platform and are adept at creating real business value for our customers in HubSpot. We also know that it is necessary to keep our knowledge up to date. This means, for example, that we hold all HubSpot Academy certifications and have one of the few HubSpot certified trainers on the team.

Benefits of HubSpot

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    A unified CRM platform

    HubSpot helps you grow better. There is access to the basic tools you need - regardless of which licence plan you choose.

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    Integration with other business systems

    HubSpot has over 1,000 standard integration options at your disposal. Novicell is ready if these integration options do not meet your needs, as HubSpot has a very well-developed API.

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    Reports on the ROI of your marketing measures, on sales effectiveness via robust forecasts and sales analytics, and on the effectiveness of your service. Based on consistent and updated data.

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    Leverage automation to "nurture" your contacts, transition leads into sales, put the sales process on autopilot, resolve customer issues quickly and efficiently, and streamline the entire customer process.