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A Danish-based platform with a high international level within personalisation solutions and CDP (Customer Data Platform).


Raptor comes from personalisation solutions within e-mail personalisation and product recommendation. Still, it has, with its CDP (Customer Data Platform), taken a huge step up the market towards analytically driven marketing automation in real time.


Why choose Novicell? 

Novicell is Raptor Solution Partner and thus recognised by Raptor to advise and implement Raptor’s CDP and personalisation solutions – and to create strong experiences throughout the entire customer journey. Novicell also has several Raptor MVPs (Most Valuable People) as specially recognised ambassadors with specialist knowledge of Raptor’s solutions. 

With Raptor’s CDP and personalisation solution, your company can work data-driven and ensure your customers receive personalised and relevant communications. We help companies implement or work in Raptor so that you will get the most out of your efforts on the platform.

Raptor offers a range of software solutions within e-mail personalisation and product recommendation. Novicell can help you assess your company’s needs within marketing automation and CDP – and how Raptor can help.