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Product Information Management (PIM) Systems

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What is PIM?

PIM stands for Product Information Management, and is a system for the administration and distribution of your company's product data. PIM systems create a single source of truth for your product data. These tools manage all the information needed to market and sell products through your e-commerce channels. This data can then be used to support and optimise your e-commerce strategy.

Why you should choose us to help with PIM

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    Analysis of the PIM system's value for your business.

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    System selection

    Choose the right PIM system that fits your business model and processes.

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    Create a tailored plan for effective implementation of the system.

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    Mapping and architecture

    Lay out a plan for master data mapping and architecture.

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    Integration between PIM and your current systems.

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    Advice, training and sparring

    Help with advice and training in the use of the PIM system as well as ongoing sparring.

Highlights of PIM

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Cost reduction and increased productivity

Higher output per employee. Fewer e-mail exchanges to access media. Faster importing of product data from supplier.

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Faster value creation

Faster introduction of new products. Faster translation processes for product information. Faster production of customer offers.

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Improved customer experience

Fewer product data errors. Fewer returns due to better product descriptions and more informed buying decisions. Increased purchases due to improved cross-selling data

PIM platforms


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