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Customer Journey Mapping

A Customer Journey is a mapping of every step your customers go through, from when they discover a need and choose you as a supplier until they leave you again.

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Customer Journeys

Customer journey mapping is a strategic exercise that creates a visual storyline of your customers’ interactions with your brand – a customer journey map. Customer journey maps depict various types of customer interaction, from buying a product online, searching for specific information on your website or airing grievances on social media. It’s about understanding the customer experience, so you know exactly how to improve it.

What do you get out of working with Customer Journeys?

A Customer Journey is an effective analysis tool that gives you the opportunity to see your performance from the outside through the eyes of the customers. So you get a real picture of your customer experience. At the same time, the many customer insights provide a wealth of ideas for optimisation and innovation of your communication, products and services.

You get this from working with Customer Journeys

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    Customer needs

    Insight into your customers' needs and their experience of your company

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    Interplay between channels

    Insight into how well your channels interact

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    Improvement measures

    A unique basis for identifying improvement initiatives that enhance the customer experience

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    Coherent customer journey

    Ability to design a coherent customer journey that creates loyal customers

Novicell's method takes you confidently through the following 5 steps

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1. Clarification of goals and scope

What do you want to achieve with the Customer Journey process? Are there specific goals you want to move? How many target groups must Customer Journeys be prepared for? Should the process initiate measures across the entire business or in a single channel?

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2. Mapping the steps in your Customer Journey

Together, we draw up our best offer for the concrete Customer Journey for the selected target groups, step by step and based on your existing knowledge of the customers. The customers then verify our bid on the mapped Journey – can they recognise the steps?

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3. Collection of data

We collect existing knowledge in the organisation about the customers' experiences. Other analyses (qualitative and quantitative) are planned and carried out. This can be, for example, data from Google Analytics combined with customer interviews or focus groups. The collected data about the customers' experiences is linked to each step of the customer journey.

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4. Design of your future Customer Journey

The insights about the customer experience, as it looks today, are summarised in a visual presentation of where you perform well and where you perform less well. Based on this, we design your wishes for the future Customer Journey and plan the steps you must prioritise to improve the customer experience.

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5. Planning of concrete measures

A brainstorm workshop ensures us plenty of concrete ideas for improvement initiatives and innovation projects that can realise our wishes for the future Customer Journey. Finally, the efforts are prioritised and described, and a business case is prepared for the entire process. The selected efforts are then implemented, and the impact is measured and evaluated continuously.

When is it relevant to work with Customer Journeys?

A Customer Journey course provides valuable insights into your customers' needs, expectations and challenges and is thus an obvious starting point for your future:

  • Digital Strategy
  • Omnichannel and Marketing Automation Strategy
  • Innovation processes and development of products and services
  • Work with content
  • Development of a new website and general optimisation of the digital channel

Experience is everything

At Novicell, we’re customer experience experts. We know how integral the customer experience is in today’s customer-centric world. Yes – product, price and revenue matter, but customer experience is the new basis of differentiation. We’ve helped numerous companies stand out from the crowd by breaking down their customer experiences based on established and informed personas.


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