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Customer Journey Mapping

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Customer journey mapping is a strategic exercise that creates a visual storyline of your customers’ interactions with your brand – a customer journey map. Customer journey maps depict various types of customer interaction, from buying a product online, searching for specific information on your website or airing grievances on social media. It’s about understanding the customer experience, so you know exactly how to improve it.

Why customer journey mapping?

When you put yourself in your customer’s shoes, your business can benefit significantly. You start seeing how your product, service or brand is experienced from the customer’s perspective, helping you to truly understand the who, what, when, where, why and how of any customer interaction. 

Once compiled, your customer journey map will afford you a first-person view of all customer interactions with your brand. You can then map out and improve these interactions, from the most critical, through to  the little gestures that still make all the difference. 

Customer journey mapping brings about...

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    Greater sales & conversions

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    Increased efficiency

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    Strategic advantage

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    Improved brand loyalty

How we work...

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Pre-analysis & workshop

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KPIs & success measurements

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Customer persona development & journey mapping

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Opportunities analysis & recommendations

Experience is everything

At Novicell, we’re customer experience experts. We know how integral the customer experience is in today’s customer-centric world. Yes – product, price and revenue matter, but customer experience is the new basis of differentiation. We’ve helped numerous companies stand out from the crowd by breaking down their customer experiences based on established and informed personas.


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