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Salesforce is one of the world's leading CRM platforms. The platform offers many opportunities to strengthen customer engagement and increase loyalty.


Salesforce is a powerful platform that helps companies strengthen customer engagement and improve customer relationships. The platform contains tools like customer and sales management, marketing automation, customer service, analytics, and artificial intelligence. With Salesforce, companies can offer personalised customer experiences and increase sales and customer loyalty.


Why choose Novicell? 

We have a deep insight into the Salesforce platform and its capabilities. As a Salesforce Partner, we work closely with Salesforce to find the right solution for our customers. Our certified Salesforce consultants have years of experience and deep expertise in leveraging Salesforce Clouds to optimise the customer experience, improve operational efficiency and drive profitable growth. Feel free to contact us to hear more about Salesforce Sales Cloud, Salesforce Service Cloud, Salesforce Marketing Cloud or Salesforce Commerce Cloud. 

Consider Salesforce if:

You should consider Salesforce as your CRM platform if your company wants to work professionally with customer processing, customer segmentation and engagement and also sees value in having access to a wide range of extended options and modules to choose from. Salesforce can be used as an entire suite or a pick-and-choose solution where your company uses selected modules.

Benefits of Salesforce

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    100% cloud

    Salesforce is a 100% cloud platform that does not require software installation. This makes the platform extremely cost-effective, flexible and more reliable than traditional on-premise solutions.

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    Salesforce is a highly scalable system that enables companies to quickly adapt to changing market conditions without investing in new software or hardware.

  • User-friendliness

    Salesforce is a highly user-friendly platform offering intuitive, easy-to-use tools and features to help companies leverage customer engagement and optimise sales.

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    With Salesforce, companies can easily integrate with other applications and services, including third-party systems, to create a cohesive platform.

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    Application library

    Salesforce App Exchange enables companies to quickly find and implement pre-integrated applications that add value to the Salesforce platform.

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    Updating the platform

    Salesforce automatically updates the platform three times a year. This means users automatically and continuously benefit from new functionality and the latest technology.