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Member organisations

Novicell has provided digital solutions to interest and membership organisations for 20 years. We help to create visibility around the purpose of organisations, with platforms for member administration, to create cool member universes and effective campaigns.

Many interest and member organisations recognise that the realisation of objectives and the organisation's digital maturity go hand in hand. And everything points to the fact that the organisations that see the digital initiatives as a commercial and future-proofing investment are better equipped in a market characterised by fierce competition for members, volunteers, donations and attention.

Yet many interest and membership organisations are lagging behind when it comes to the implementation and use of digital solutions. The many new opportunities are often limited by a lack of digital skills in the organisation.

The possibilities are many and solutions exist. Does your member organisation want to be a digital frontrunner?

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of interest and membership organisations that invest in new technology say it makes a clear difference within a year

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of interest and membership organisations with high digital maturity use digital solutions to provide better services to their members.

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of interest and membership organisations with high digital maturity believe they are able to attract a greater number of new members through digital channels.


Turn digitalisation into a competitive advantage. The digital possibilities for interest and membership organisations are many and we know that they can constitute a significant lever. So whether your organisation is looking to increase membership, activate a dormant member base, raise more donations, manage members in an effective member management system or create great online campaigns that hit your target audience, digitalisation is a central part of the answer .

Important digital trends within interest and membership organisations

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    Engaging members and volunteers through digital channels is increasingly used to create ongoing value and retain them in the organisation. An absolute necessity where there is great competition for attention and time.

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    Some agendas have it easier than others

    The distribution of volunteers, donations and members is very unequally distributed among the 10,000+registered associations in Denmark. Digitalisation has become a key tool for understanding your target audience, targeting them and remaining relevant.

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    Online habits and expectations

    As individuals, we have generally moved online. And member organisations will have to move along with us. We expect online visibility, personalised messages and ease of use. These are online habits and expectations created by other industries.

Novicell offers a number of services and solutions that help your organisation progress digitally:

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    Digitalise the purpose and vision

    We can digitalise your overall vision and help you realise your digital potential - with a focus on the members, the volunteers and the organisation's own processes.

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    Create the digital foundation

    The digital IT architecture must be supportive of the organisation and be able to handle multiple systems and integrations. It is absolutely central to the efficient handling of member flows, payments and donations, GDPR regulations, documentation etc.

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    Digital marketing

    It is important to be present where potential new members are online. We help with the overall campaign setup and ensure the right mix of channels through online advertising, use of SoMe and an effective presence in Google searches

Selected interest and membership organisations that we have helped:

Our focus for this collaboration has been to elevate the level of our digital services and digital business for the benefit of animals. The new digital platform is intended to showcase our work and make our services more accessible. In this process, Novicell has been a strong and competent partner, supporting us every step of the way.

Michael Lund Madsen

If you have the ambition, we have the experience and the specialists

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    At Novicell, we have more than 20 years of experience of advising and creating digital solutions for interest and member organisations

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    As a technology-independent partner, we can advise you all the way from strategy to technology selection and architecture to implementation, customer service and operation.