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Display & Media purchasing

Everything you should know about display and media purchasing

Marketing decisions and media selection

In a media landscape where we see greater competition, higher CPC prices and more limited targeting options, it is more important than ever to be in control of your strategic marketing decisions and media choices. At Novicell, we help our customers with their overall media strategy. We ensure that there is a strategy for how the current setup can be optimised, as well as how a plan can be drawn up to exploit potential and grow the business further across efforts and channels (both online and offline channels).

Why choose Novicell?

A successful digital presence requires a competent and reliable partner. We exist to make a difference for our clients, both in terms of the learning curve and the bottom line.

We assist you in crafting the perfect media strategy, one that's based on your target audience and accompanies you from the beginning to the final evaluation of the campaign.

Selected companies we have assisted with media buying

It's about bridging the gap between long-term and short-term marketing strategies to maximize effectiveness

If you want to be found by your customers on the internet, you need a top position on Google. If you want to be remembered by potential customers, you need a top position in their awareness.

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    High Impact

    A suitable medium for increasing brand awareness, generating leads, or driving sales.

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    Adressable TV

    Personalized TV ads delivered directly to your target audience.

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    Your path to telling engaging stories and creating an authentic connection with your target audience.

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    Podcast advertising

    Target your ads and reach those who are listening within your target audience.

High Impact

With our team of designers and purchasing options, we develop High Impact Banners that challenge traditional ad formats and are highly effective at capturing viewers' attention. High Impact Banners are suitable for various purposes, whether it's to increase brand awareness, generate leads, or boost sales. With visual effects and interactivity, this medium is perfect for connecting with the audience and helping to create a lasting impression of your product or brand.

Adressable TV

Addressable TV is an effective method for delivering personalized TV commercials directly to your target audience. We use targeting based on demographics, interests, behavior, and more to reach precise audience segments. In collaboration with TV2 Play, Denmark's largest streaming platform, we deliver tailored advertisements to your target audience. Whether you want to increase brand awareness, boost sales, or enhance customer engagement, Addressable TV is the right channel. At Novicell, you get a dedicated partner who guides you through the complex world of data and advertising. Our experienced team is always ready to assist you.


Advertorials and Digitorials – the path to telling engaging stories and creating an authentic connection with your audience. Through a blend of well-edited journalistic content and a description of your brand or product, we craft a valuable reading experience for the recipient. With our extensive network of media partners, we can assist you in placing your advertorials and digitorials in the right publications, thereby reaching your target audience at the right moment.


With our podcast advertising solutions, you can target your ads based on interests, demographics, and behavioral patterns to ensure that you reach the right listeners. We collaborate with a wide range of podcasts and hosts to ensure that your ads are presented at the right times and in the right context. From initial ads to mid-episode placements and sponsorships, we can create tailored advertising opportunities that suit your needs and goals. With our measurement and reporting tools, we can track the performance of your podcast ads and provide you with in-depth insights into how your investments are generating results.