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BENNS is a travel agent supplying tailor-made travel solutions to the Danish travel market since 1963.

New lightning speed image-based travel site

BENNS required a new website to boost their existing offering. Most importantly, they wanted a new and visual-heavy site with simpler communication architecture.

Attractive design

BENNS.dk was redesigned as an image-heavy website. The aim was to inspire users to travel to new destinations through the power of visual design.

Simple menu structure

We installed a new menu structure that’s more intuitive and matches the users’ approach to travel searches.

Headless CMS

Headless architecture enables BENNS.dk to perform at lightning speed, even with an image-heavy website.

Mobile ready and optimised 

The new BENNS.dk site was updated with responsive design to match the user’s intentions. The mobile version would uphold the same level of functionality, user experience and design to ensure optimum performance, regardless of the device.
a phone with an open website page
a phone with an open website page

"Novicell has been a good strategic partner. Together we focused on the organisation’s new platform, and Novicell helped us make the right decisions regarding the structure of the website.”  

a close up of a woman's face
Astrid Schonemann, Web Manager

"The new website has contributed to a much better user experience and, most importantly, increased our conversion rate significantly. Overall, we’re very pleased with the results we’ve created together with Novicell.”  

a close up of a man's face
Alpers Sahin, Marketing Manager