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The National Academy for Government Management and Training

The National Academy for Government Management and Training (COK) offers a full range of courses, classes and training to various Danish municipalities. They are filling an essential role in society by supporting the development of the Danish public sector.

The challenge

Witnessing a boost in the number of bookings made through their website, COK needed a new platform that could handle the level of activity on their website. The web solution needed to be easy for site users to search for and book relevant courses, whilst also being as visible and user-friendly as possible.

Drupal 8 web solution

Together with COK, we implemented a Drupal 8 solution focused on responsive design and refined search functionality. The result was a new web solution optimised for search and user activity on a variety of devices and windows.

Our approach

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Drupal 8 Integration

We implemented a Drupal 8 Umbraco integration to the booking system, Frontplanner. This software is used by COK to create their course pages and manage the customer data collected from Frontplanner bookings. Therefore, it was important to ensure seamless integration of this software.

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Faceted search

Faceted Search is an advanced search functionality that allows filtering of search results. This would give COK website users to receive fast and precise search results.

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Technical SEO

There has been an improvement in both the visibility on Google and the number of unique visitors from the search engines to the website after the launch. This is due to our technical SEO efforts which included optimising titles, meta descriptions, redirects and internal link building.

Success in four areas

· Search functionality: One of the issues related to the previous platform was that courses often appeared repeatedly in search results. This was because the course was held across multiple locations and dates. COK had a strong desire to manage and refine their search results through a Faceted Search function · Editorial: COK were very satisfied with the improvements in the editor’s user interface since the content editing process has been simplified. In particular, the use of widgets on the different sites has been a big help in accessing certain information quickly · Design: The website design is now responsive and renders well on a variety of devices and windows · Online visibility: The platform has been optimised from an SEO perspective which has resulted in an increase in organic traffic and visibility on Google. The primary effort has been optimisation of titles and meta descriptions, redirects and internal link building

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"The ongoing feedback with Novicell has been very satisfying. At COK we don’t have any CMS developers, so we were quite happy that Novicell could translate our ideas and needs into technical functionality and solutions.”

Lousie Thinesen Bendtsen, Chief Consultant
The National Academy for Government Management and Training