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Energy & Broadband

Novicell has in-depth knowledge of the Energy & Broadband industry, where the customers' subscription relationship with the providers has for many years required digital solutions such as self-service solutions, real-time data and apps.

Energy & Broadband is characterised by customers who have a subscription-like relationship with a provider. Digitalised customer behaviour has for many years made the industry a frontrunner in digitalisation: Fast self-service solutions, consumption data in real time, personalised communication and customised products.

In many cases, the industry is subject to regulatory policies and, on the whole, has to navigate a difficult market characterised by industry shifts, consolidations, large price fluctuations for customers who at the same time demand sustainable and energy-saving solutions.

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of consumers expect personalised solutions

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Analysis shows that more than 85% of Western consumers are willing to reduce their energy consumption to help the climate

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of consumers in the energy sector will use digital services for all their queries if they are available.

Digitalisation is a real competitive parameter

Energy & Broadband is an industry where digital solutions have become a strategic necessity rather than a voluntary initiative. At the same time, the industry is constantly developing and the companies are constantly challenged by new competitors with potentially more customer-oriented solutions. User-friendly, digital solutions are therefore a real competitive parameter in attracting and retaining customers. Online visibility and targeted communication can be make-or-break aspects.

Important digital trends within Energy & Broadband

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    To create transparency

    Consumers' willingness to reduce energy consumption to save costs and help the climate is at the top among European consumers. But transparency must be created for the consumer, who would like to receive relevant information about how consumption can be reduced and the effect it creates. A good example is, for example, times of the day when electricity is most green.

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    Large amounts of data

    Energy & Broadband companies typically collect a very large amount of data, which can be advantageously used to understand customers, predict behaviour and offer relevant information to new and existing customers.

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    New opportunities and consolidations characterise the industry

    Several utility companies are merging to achieve economies of scale and at the same time have to deal with new consumer and legislative requirements as well as business opportunities such as Smart Home installations, electric charging stations, etc. This calls for a well-orchestrated ecosystem of platforms. With the best-of-breed principles, the balance between low cost-to-serve and ease-of-doing-business-with can be struck.

Novicell offers a range of services and solutions

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    Digital business strategy

    We can digitalise your overall business strategy and help you realise your digital potential - with a focus on the customers and the company's own value chain and processes.

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    Create the digital foundation

    The digital IT architecture must be supportive of the business and be able to handle multiple systems and integrations, which are often characteristic of companies in Energy & Broadband. A strong and agile IT foundation based on best-of-breed principles is central to being able to grow.

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    Control the digital customer journey

    A Customer Journey is a map of the customer's steps on the journey from when they discover a need and choose you as a supplier until they leave you again - online and offline. For Energy & Broadband companies, it can be quite complex or quite simple if it is a monopolistic one.

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    Self-service and availability of consumption data in real time, subscription adjustment and the possibility of additional purchases are important for your customers. We build tailored app solutions on the technology that makes the most sense for your business: Native, Hybrid & PWA​.

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    Marketing Automation

    With marketing automation, you can communicate personally and relevantly with your customers and leads - on a large scale. In this way, you can guide the customer in complex purchase processes and support long-term customer relationships.

  • Digital Consultancy

    UX & Design

    Ease of use gets results! Good UX & Design must ensure that the customer is helped with respect to self-service for example and to get more involved in consumption, savings opportunities and climate friendliness.

Selected Energy & Broadband companies that we have helped

The choice of technology in the NRGi app has given us the opportunity to quickly and smoothly adapt our app to the customers' needs and wishes. And Novicell has guided, developed and acted as our extended arm throughout the process.

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Lars Mulvad Madsen, Online Manager

If you have the ambition, we have the experience and the specialists

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    At Novicell, we have many years of international experience of creating commerce solutions, and advising and developing Energy & Broadband companies digitally

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    As a technology-independent partner, we can advise you all the way from strategy to technology selection and architecture to implementation, customer service and operation.