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Digital Strategy

Make your digital presence known with a fool-proof marketing strategy that drives performance.

What is a digital business strategy?

A digital business strategy is a plan for how digital technology can be used to enhance business performance, by adopting new technologies, reimagining current processes or creating new competitive advantages. It outlines the direction a business will take in uncovering new business opportunities and generating technology-driven value.

Create an effective marketing strategy with Novicell

More than just the software we use, technology is changing the way we work. Companies that exploit these opportunities do well to deliver growth and take the lead on their competitors. But how do they navigate these opportunities with confidence? The answer? A strong digital business strategy.

Set your goals and achieve them

We answer your key questions

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    What are my challenges and opportunities, and where is my untapped potential in digital?

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    Should I be more focused on digitising my current business model, or investing in new digital business?

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    What do I need in terms of resources, processes, and finances if I am to succeed?

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    What will it cost to implement, what is the economic return, and which Key Performance Indicators should the effect be measured on?

We uncover...

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Your unexploited potential in digital

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Your ambitions and strategic focus

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The resources you need to succeed

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How your success is best measured


We tailor to your unique purpose

Our strategic consultants use a tailored approach that ensures the best digital efforts are identified for your overall business goals. This means we gain a profound understanding of the specific challenges and opportunities you face within your specific sector - both with customers and internally. We leverage a combination of inspiring workshops and scenario development to mould our initiatives to your unique purpose.

Novicell offers a range of products that help your company find and realise your digital potential

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    Digital business analysis

    We digitalise your overall business strategy and help you realise your potential - with a focus partly on the customers and the market and partly on the company's own value chain and processes.

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    Digital channel strategy

    With a digital channel strategy, you will be able to create more value for the business through your customer-facing digital contact points.

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    Digital roadmap

    We help you achieve your business goals and ambitions by building a digital roadmap with concrete initiatives that fit your business strategy.

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    Customer Journey

    You gain insight into how customers experience your company and products across all contact points. It allows you to work strategically and operationally to improve the customer experience and create a coherent customer journey.

Digital Platform Consulting

Our digital platform consultants advise on specific digital solutions that suit your business needs, processes and operating systems. In the process, we create a connection between your business vision and the right technology to achieve this.


“Our work with Novicell wasn’t just about fixing some buttons to our existing platforms. We wanted to think digitally on several levels to better support our overall strategic goals.”

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Iben Sell
Digital Project Manager, KIWI


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