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Data Architecture

Clarifying your data architecture is the foundation for introducing new data-driven strategies or initiatives to strengthen your business.

Data Architecture

Working with data architecture aims to create a common understanding of how data is acquired, processed, shared, and stored. On paper, data architecture is not a very sexy discipline, but it is an area of expertise in which we are proud to call ourselves experts. Without data insights, we cannot build future-proof solutions that support our ability to drive successful online businesses.

Insight and data architecture

Suppose we introduce new platforms or digital initiatives without insight into your data architecture. In that case, we work blindly in the decision-making process, which can result in unprofitable solutions or inconsistent user experiences. In close collaboration with your business, we explore the IT infrastructure to identify where changes need to be made, where maturity is needed, and where identification is sufficient. We want to do this on a strong data foundation to build the groundwork for the future on valid and documented principles – to achieve your growth ambitions and maybe even more.

Why choose Novicell

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    Keeping the business in mind

    We always consider data architecture based on your reality but with a healthy dose of professional know-how and best practices.

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    Platform agnostic

    The names on the facade should not drive data architecture but the value and maturity of what is collected. We see that as the only right approach.

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    Synergy lies in collaboration

    We provide the experts, but we work closely with you to understand the possibilities and value of your data.

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    We want to grow your business and ensure that the IT infrastructure becomes a resource toward that goal – not an obstacle.

How potential new suppliers and platform partners are selected 

Data architecture as a service can be divided into several different activities. Depending on the project's scope, we have a wide range of data mapping tools that we utilise to best schedule your data and integration flows. 

In addition to being a foundation for further work, this overview is also a powerful asset in selecting potential new suppliers and platform partners.