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Manage Content across all digital channels with the right Content Management System (CMS)

Novicell and CMS platforms

Novicell has a long history of implementing various CMS platforms - from an in-house developed platform, to implementing standard platforms, to headless solutions since 2015 and most recently adapting modern CMSs with a focus on all digital channels. Today, Novicell maintains a range of CMSs to match a broad spectrum of needs across industries and business models.

If you are considering changing CMS, there are 4 aspects that can help specify requirements and define possible CMSs

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    Digital channels

    Should the CMS deliver content to several digital channels, especially with the same content across several channels.

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    IT strategy

    Is there an IT strategy that dictates requirements for a new platform, such as SaaS, PaaS or on-premise.

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    Business needs and road map

    Which growth targets and future initiatives must be supported.

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    Obligatory features/processes

    "Must have" functionality that increases efficiency and supports internal processes.

Plantorama and Novicell in broad digital collaboration

Here you can see Plantorama's Omnichannel Manager, Ditte Lunde Hardahl, talk about the long-term collaboration between Plantorama and Novicell. It extends widely from CMS, PIM, the brand experience and to delivery concepts.

Together with Novicell, we have succeeded in the project because all teams have been ready for change and highly motivated to make a difference for Plantorama in a time of crisis.

The launch of Click & Collect before the lockdown gave us learning and self-confidence, which we could use to the maximum in the home delivery project when Denmark locked down, and the whole thing had to progress extremely fast.

Ditte Lunde Hardahl, Omnichannel Manager

Selected companies we have helped with CMS

That's why you should choose Novicell

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    Broad experience with various CMS platforms

    Novicell is tech independent and always ensures that the platform selection fits market needs.

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    Headless CMS since 2015

    Novicell has implemented headless solutions since 2015, before the adapter became widespread.

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    Long history of CMS with different purposes

    It being a website with purposes such as lead generation, Commerce, universes of inspiration.