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Choice of commerce platform

How do you choose the solution that best matches the digital business?

Get a platform that suits you

A webshop is the focal point for the entire digital business. Therefore, you should choose the platform and not least the development partner with care. A solid solution creates results and performs optimally. When it comes to everything from integration, load times, search engine optimisation and data security. We create the solution that provides the greatest value for your company.

We help and advise our customers through technically agnostic advice to choose the right platform/framework based on specific requirements and ambitions.

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Adam Peter Nielsen, CTO

We can help you find the right platform for your business

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    Choose the right platform

    There are hundreds of different platforms out there - each telling you they can solve your specific requirements. We help you choose the right platform based on your needs and requirements.

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    Identification of untapped need

    You may have an untapped need that you don't know how to address. We help you find and choose a platform that enables you to move forward.

Novicell's approach to choosing a commerce platform

Novicell's approach is always the following when building a new solution or developing on an existing one.

It's all about investing sensibly in components and platforms.

1. We implement platforms if they match the need

We adapt the business to the platform, which is possible since we have chosen a platform that suits the customer's needs.

We do this because we have a significantly lower risk profile and that the customer can get to market faster with the solution or new concept.


2. We adapt standards if no platform matches the need

Standards are chosen to make it easy for the developers to develop the solution and since these only need to be adapted or slightly extended to suit the business.

This in turn means that we can get to market faster than if we had to develop it ourselves from scratch and we have a lower risk profile.


3. We create a tailor-made solution if no standards match the need

Here, we will always challenge the customer as to whether it is the right thing for them.
This is because the risk profiles are higher and we want to ensure that it differentiates the customer's business.

The advantages are that the customer gets a solution that is 100% adapted to their wishes and requirements. The disadvantage is that we have to build most of it from scratch. This requires a higher degree of documentation, testing and development of implementers.

Selected companies we have helped with commerce

When we help you find the right platform, you can expect to get ...

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    Platform recommendation

    Identification of requirements for the new platform and identification of potential platform/framework fits.

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    Comparison based on key parameters to help the customer make the right decision as well as important future considerations to be made.

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    Investment overview

    Overview of costs and potential comparison of costs when choosing platforms.