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Creative concept development

Creative concepts built on insights into target audiences and the market

Create digital business opportunities

Create ingenious concepts and digital business opportunities together with us. We invite you to well-structured workshops where we present you with a toolbox that brings insight, inspiration, and great ideas forward. With that knowledge in hand, we create wow-concepts around your brand. We visualize and present in sketches and wireframes, so you can see your tailor-made solution taking shape from the start.

Explore a glimpse of our wide range of creative solutions - from workshops to concepts and much more

We work closely with clients to create tailored and valuable digital solutions. Our expertise in digital innovation can help increase your business's online success.

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    Creative workshop

    In the creative workshop, we collaborate to create solutions based on insights.

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    Customer journey analysis

    The customer or user journey uncovers customers' experiences across channels and touchpoints.

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    Digital concept

    Together with you, we assist in the development of a digital concept.

Creative workshop

The concept is crucial - no matter which digital product you are working on. In the creative workshop, we collaborate with you and your project team to create. In the insight and analysis phase, we have learned about your organization and customers. We have identified the challenges that need to be addressed. Now, we need to figure out how. Through a mix of inspiration and examples, exercises, and curious questions, we will find solutions that Novicell's designers visualize.

Customer journey analysis

The customer or user journey uncovers customers' experiences across channels and touchpoints. The analysis provides an overview of the service experience and secret tips on how channels, messages, and touchpoints can be enhanced. The customer journey is mapped out using our in-depth knowledge of your customers and channels. This means that the analysis requires some preliminary work with insights and analysis. Often, the customer journey analysis is part of the creative workshop where we work together with you on mapping and visualization.

Digital concept

The concept - or the brilliant idea - is crucial no matter which digital masterpiece we are working on. The development of a digital concept consists of three exciting phases: The first phase is insight and analysis. Here, the purpose of the solution is defined, and we gain an understanding of the context and target audience. With the insights in mind, we embark on the second phase: Concept development. Here, all ideas and solutions are thrown into the air and caught again - perhaps in a creative workshop. Finally, in the third phase, the concept needs to be brought to life and visualized. Novicell's designers transform raw ideas into sketches and wireframes, making the solution both tangible and understandable - ready to conquer the digital world with style.