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Testing and optimization

Design that works

User-centered focus

We place the user at the center when creating online business solutions. We involve your target audience in everything we do: from the initial insights work to the concept development, where we test the usability of the design, to post-launch activities, where we measure performance and optimization opportunities. This way, we ensure satisfied customers and increased conversion.

We create online business by putting the user at the center when we test and optimize

User-centered testing and optimization are crucial for successful online business. By tailoring content and marketing based on user feedback, you can increase conversion rates and ROI. So always remember to keep the user at the center of your online strategy.

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    Thorough analysis of user experience and behavior on your digital platform.

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    Optimization and testing

    Based on the analysis, we provide recommendations for areas that can be optimized.

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    We monitor and identify whether the optimizations have provided the desired impact.

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    User testing

    Ongoing user testing is used to make adjustments that optimize your business and your brand.


How is your digital solution performing? We start with a thorough analysis of user experience and behavior on your digital platform. We use tools such as Mouseflow, Hotjar, and Google Analytics to gain insights into the number of users you engage with and how they navigate your digital platforms. Based on this information, we identify areas for improvement that can boost conversion rates and enhance your digital platform even further.

Optimization and testing

Based on a thorough analysis of website statistics and user behavior data, we recommend areas for optimization. For example, if we identify high bounce rates on product pages or in the shopping cart, we suggest optimizations to address these issues. We may also identify specific pages that cause users to give up and abandon the site. The selected optimizations are tested against your conversion goals. We employ methods such as A/B split testing, user testing, and 5-second tests. The specific test setup depends on the purpose and target audience of the solution.


Ongoing measurement and analysis of customer traffic and conversion are crucial for success. We typically use your familiar measurement platforms, such as Google Analytics or Piwik, to identify whether the optimizations resulted in the desired improvements. The measurements may reveal that your paid traffic channels are bringing in too many irrelevant visits or that your page load time is too slow, resulting in potential customer loss. Our task is to propose solutions to address these challenges and further increase your conversion rate.

User testing

We actively involve users in the development of user-friendly digital solutions. By conducting user tests multiple times throughout the design process, we gather feedback on how users experience and interact with your future solution. The results are used to make adjustments that optimize your business and brand.