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Retention, engagement, growth: What your membership organisation needs to succeed

Struggling to retain members & attract new ones? Discover the 3 pillars of membership growth: Retention, Engagement & Growth. Learn how Novicell can help your organisation thrive online.

Published April 25, 2024

In today's digital landscape, membership organisations face a constant battle: retaining existing members, keeping them engaged, and attracting new ones. A strong online presence is crucial for success, but how do you navigate the ever-changing digital landscape? This article explores the three pillars of success for membership organisations – retention, engagement, and growth – and how Novicell can help you excel in each area.


It goes without saying that one of the biggest challenges for membership organisations is retaining their membership base over time. Members can be scattered across multiple platforms like social media or an organisation’s mobile application. In order to retain members, organisations need to be able to keep track of their members to engage with them regularly. In addition, they need to be able to collect data on their members to deliver personalised, meaningful content that is valuable to their business.

Where Novicell comes in

  1. Developing a digital channel strategy

Whether your members are businesses or people, a digital channel strategy will allow you to identify measures that create the greatest value for your customers. Digital strategy involves identifying challenges and opportunities for your organisation before building out a member-facing platform. We put ourselves in your members shoes to provide an objective strategy that meets your organisation’s KPIs.

  1. MACH: Composable architecture

For digital decision-makers the pace of change in the online landscape is incredibly high. Systems become outdated quickly, but with the use of MACH architecture, your organisation can implement solutions quickly. MACH allows your organisation to choose the best options from a multitude of systems to create and update your platform when needed. Novicell is part of the MACH Alliance, find out more about this composable digital architecture solution here.

  1. Data-driven business development

Data is one of the most important aspects to your membership organisation’s website. Ensuring that you have an amalgamation of your member’s information means you can tailor their experience to their preferences and create a seamless experience on your organisation’s page. Novicell becomes part of your organisation to fully understand the provided data and develop your digital presence with your members at the forefront.


Once you have your members, you have to keep them engaged. Membership organisations typically find pain points when it comes to compelling design and ensuring a seamless customer experience.  Creating online opportunities for members such as a members portal or online discussions and events can allow for further engagement from members. However, your organisation must ensure that this is seamless so your members want to return.

Where Novicell comes in

  1. Branding

Your most valuable asset, aside from your members, is your brand. Creating a distinctive perception of your membership organisation in a marketplace saturated with opportunities for businesses is crucial. Our creative team has your back with personalised, in-depth brand strategy and design. If your membership organisation is losing out to others in the market, a fresh brand strategy may be just what you need to relaunch to the world.

  1. Customer journey mapping

Understanding how your members use your platform is key to creating an engaging digital presence. A customer journey map creates a visual storyline of your customers’ interactions with your brand or website. It aims to understand what your member is looking for so that you can improve their experience.

  1. Web accessibility

Accessibility matters. Not only will you reach wider audiences, but you’ll also increase your SEO and provide greater member satisfaction. It’s also the law – meaning from June 2025, all public and private mobile apps will be required to be accessible. Novicell is skilled in developing accessible websites for our clients to ensure that their customers and members are engaging with content they want and need.


Membership organisations all have one common goal: Grow their membership base by attracting new members and business. Without members, an organisation ceases to exist. Your organisation’s digital presence needs to be attractive, easy to use and optimised for search. If potential members cannot find you, they will not even have the opportunity join your organisation. Continuing on a growth trajectory means investing in marketing touchpoints and ensuring that your organisation shows up frequently in front of your new and existing members.

Where Novicell comes in

  1. SEO

Our SEO team is highly skilled in optimising your digital presence. Our digital consultants work with your organisation to understand your goals and challenges when it comes to organic traffic. We are experienced in creating discoverable websites in ever-changing global marketplaces like Google to ensure that your organisation is at the top of search engine results pages (SERPs). We offer keyword analysis, on-page SEO, technical SEO, linkbuilding, international SEO and site migration services to improve your performance.

  1. User experience & design

The better your user’s journey, the better your organisation. Your organisation needs to ensure that everything from content and features to structure and layout and looks and styling is optimised for your users. Membership organisations needs to prioritise the benefits of joining through easy-to-use navigation and cohesive design in order to appear both professional and accessible. Our team of creatives are highly experienced in creating seamless user journeys.

  1. Inbound marketing

Inbound marketing is the cornerstone of growth for membership organisations. Without marketing, your mission is lost in the void of online search. With the right tools, inbound marketing enables you to deliver the right content to the right people at the right time in their user journey. All of this is based on world-class content, your digital marketing platforms and data. Knowing your current members inside and out will allow you to tailor marketing to new members to generate leads.


Creating an effective digital presence for your membership organisation is paramount to the success and growth of the organisation. If your business is struggling to retain, engage and grow your membership base, reach out to Novicell today. We create bespoke solutions built on the foundation of specialist knowledge to boost your membership organisation’s reputation in the digital space.

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Dennis Twumasi
Business Development Director
Dennis Twumasi