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Digital Channel Strategy

Developments in digital technology and marketing create prohibitive expectations from customers for performance from your digital channels. This applies regardless of whether you are addressing B2C or B2B customers.

Prioritise your measures

A digital channel strategy enables you to prioritise your efforts in the various customer-facing contact points. With a focus on identifying the measures that create the greatest value for your customers - and for your own business.

A structured methodological apparatus elevates your business

We use the methodology to strengthen your business's channel strategy by answering the following questions, which aim to create an overview of the best channel strategy.

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Challenges and opportunities

Where are the challenges and opportunities, and where is there untapped potential in the market that you can exploit to grow your business?

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What is the ambition, what strategic focus and concrete initiatives are needed to realise the potential?

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Interaction between the channels

What is required in terms of resources, technology and interaction between the channels if you are to succeed?

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What does it cost to implement, what is the financial return, and which KPIs should the impact be measured against?

Selected companies we have helped with digital strategy