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Albumedix is a biotechnology company focused on enabling the creation of superior biopharmaceuticals for people with serious diseases. They are recognised as the world leader in the manufacture of recombinant human albumin products, which are used in clinical and marketed drugs by pharmaceutical companies worldwide.

Increasing online visibility

Albumedix approached us with a need to increase their online visibility and website traffic on key pages using Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO). Beyond this, they sought to gain a better understanding of their users in order to drive more conversions and future proof their website.

What we did

Website traffic exploded

Albumedix were faced with low organic traffic and poor search engine rankings. They were keen to increase online visibility, website traffic and leads from their website. Based on data and insights from the current business and potential in the market, we choose to focus on SEO. Our SEO effort took to optimising category pages, products, technical SEO and link building - an approach that has led to excellent results.

a magnifying glass diving into three sections icon 405 0 %

increase in search engine visibility and impressions

a message search with an arrow icon 83 0 %

more clicks from users in search engines

Growing arrow icon 52 0 %

increase in overall goal conversions

Seamless interactions

  Albumedix wanted a webpage to reflect their status as the world’s leading manufacturer of recombinant human albumin products. To do so, we focused on creating an albumin page that was highly interactive and attractive to site visitors. A redesign of key pages was also conducted to optimise user experience.  
One of the additions included interactive elements; hovering over the circles with a cursor displays various technical specifications of albumin.  


before example of a webpage for a pharmaceutical website


a screenshot of a webpage for the scientific foundation of the brand

Conversion rates accelerated

One of the main goals was to encourage more enquiry form submissions and make it easier for people to navigate, find information and get in contact with Albumedix. We conducted an audit to analyse how visitors navigate the page and to establish the best user flow for successful conversions. Based on the data, we made suggestions for improvement including clearer site navigation, building social proof with customer testimonials, and prioritising products that users want. We set up a measurement plan to track conversion, learn about user behaviour and implement actions based on this.

"We are very pleased with the collaboration with Novicell. They were able to meet and exceed our expectations in terms of redesign, SEO and conversions. They were also a great team to work with, and the improvements made have already started showing amazing results. We are especially satisfied with the over 50% increase in conversions."

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Poula Maltha Krogh, Director of Market Development & Communication