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Flügger has taken the lead with a modern and flexible IT architecture

Flügger Group has...

...been the supplier to the painting profession for over 125 years, starting with physical stores and later expanding to online platforms. Since April 2022, Flügger has introduced a completely new brand called "Notes of Colour" at www.notesofcolour.com, catering directly to consumers who want to purchase paint online. Here, you can explore appealing color shades like "Coco Pink," "Hello Yellow," and "Goofy Grey." However, Flügger can still be found at www.flugger.dk and in their physical stores. How these two universes converge is explained in detail below.

See notesofcolour.com

When Flügger came up with the idea for Notes of Colour, their aim was to create a brand with strong appeal to a completely new and younger target audience who primarily seek inspiration and make purchases online. However, questions quickly arose within the organisation, such as: Why can't we handle direct sales of paint to consumers in our current digital setup? Does our existing IT architecture hinder our business opportunities? How do we handle similar situations in the future? Flügger realised that they had imposed certain limitations on themselves and needed to break free from them.

Flügger embarked on positioning the new brand, Notes of Colour, and began building a completely new and separate digital setup to enable the direct sale of paint to European consumers. Concurrently, in collaboration with Novicell, Flügger started dismantling their existing monolithic architecture and gradually transformed it into a modern and flexible IT architecture. The new IT architecture was designed to be prepared for handling multiple brands, multiple sales channels across many countries, acquisition situations, and more. Specifically, Flügger slowly broke down their IT monolith into multiple systems that were loosely connected via APIs, each handling tasks that the respective platform was best suited for. The goal was to ensure that each module could be easily upgraded, replaced, or connected to other modules in order to best support the business without impacting the rest of the digital ecosystem.

Tech stack

Flügger's digital platform now relies on a Composable Architecture. This means that it is modular in structure, and each component in the company's tech stack can be implemented, upgraded, or replaced without affecting the rest of the digital ecosystem.

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Flügger has embraced the MACH principles in the construction of its IT architecture. MACH is an acronym for Microservices, API First, Cloud Native, and Headless. Internationally, the MACH Alliance takes the lead in promoting the MACH principles and advocating for companies to break down their monolithic IT solutions into smaller, highly specialized "best-of-breed" platforms that cater to the actual needs of businesses.

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Alongside Novicell, we have gradually built a digital foundation that enables us to create the business we desire. It is extremely important. We can integrate multiple acquisitions into our systems, work with multiple brands, sales channels, and operate in many markets. This gives us both competitiveness and incredible maneuverability in the future.

Peter Møllebjerg Andersen, SVP Digital Innovation
Flügger Group

Flüggers tech stack

Notes of Colour aims to appeal to a new target audience

Notes of Colour is Flügger's new D2C concept built around the commerce platform, notesofcolour.com, where European consumers can purchase paint directly online. Notes of Colour is based on the megatrend of "Nesting," which indicates a segment of individuals who are highly passionate about their homes and the ambiance within them. Consequently, they invest more money in interior decoration, furniture, and home colours. The customer journey for this segment when purchasing paint is typically quite different from traditional paint buyers. "Nesters" first fall in love with a shade of colour and are inspired by visually seeing the colour in a room. They then consider the slightly more technical aspects, such as whether it's for a wet room, matte or glossy, and so on.

The ambition is to become the preferred brand in paint and surface treatments for the younger segment. They have a more emotional customer journey, which is why notesofcolour.com is built around strong visual experiences with exciting colours and interior design. The webshop has a completely simple and streamlined purchasing process - no disruptive elements, a narrow product range, and no physical stores. It should be ultra-simple.

Peter Møllebjerg Andersen, SVP Digital Innovation
Flügger Group

Flügger is a strong omnichannel concept

The entire project has also included a new Flügger e-commerce universe, which serves as both Flügger Group's B2C and B2B e-commerce platform in several European countries, including Denmark, Sweden, and Poland. The Flügger brand is a strong omnichannel concept that connects online and physical stores. Traditionally, the customer journey here is more focused on technical aspects, and therefore, Flügger's stores and commerce solution encompass many more aspects of a painting project, such as advice, accessories, and maintenance.

User-centric focus - and the colours

The new Flugger.dk puts the user at the center to sell as many Flügger products as possible. Based on customer interviews and usability testing, Novicell mapped out the user journey in connection with DIY projects at home. Lifestyle platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram are increasingly used for inspiration in home decor, and this applies to a significant portion of Flügger's private customer segment. Customers are more focused on finding colours and materials they like rather than starting with a specific type of paint product or a particular brand. This flow is reflected in the structure and navigation of Flugger.dk, where users have the option to navigate by room and colours, among other things. The good user journey is supported by a new visual identity created by Novicell Creatives, who have also developed a vibrant, organic, and colourful design for Flugger.dk.

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