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Commerce BI

Commerce BI is a plug & play reporting solution that makes it easier for on/offline shops to make faster and better decisions.

An all-round business intelligence solution

In the past, when we have developed Business Intelligence solutions for companies, it has been with a focus on individual functions in the company. That is why we have now developed Commerce BI, which is an all-round Business intelligence solution for Etailers, which makes it easier to keep the customer at the centre of all functions of the business, and focus on the same goals. In addition, you will get more transparency in the business and thus make it easier for your employees to work in accordance with the same vision.

Based on 500+ commerce projects, we have collected the most important KPIs for your business in one comprehensive report overview

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    Inventory management

Data overview

We advise on collecting all the company's relevant data in one place in either a database, Data warehouse or a Data cube. This must be done to ensure one truth and Master Data view, and therefore a clearer picture across the business.

The advantages of having one unified reporting overview of different business functions are many

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    Reduce silos

    You reduce the typical silos in business.

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    Get a holistic picture

    You get a holistic picture of where the business as a whole is heading.

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    You save time investigating different parts of the business.

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    Better basis for decision making

    You have the ability to make better decisions based on a broader basis

Selected companies we have helped with data value