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Paid Media

Paid media is an effective addition to your business, driving brand awareness, traffic, sales and revenue. Our sharp and strategic specialists master a range of paid media services and use data-driven insights, technology and creativity to elevate your online presence.

Digital marketing experts

Paid media covers several branches of advertising within search engines, social media and display advertising. At Novicell, our digital marketing specialists manage various areas within the paid media field. With our solid insights, we optimise your traffic on some of the largest marketing channels, including Google Ads, Meta, LinkedIn and YouTube. We have an in-depth knowledge of managing each advertising platform and understand what will be the best approach for achieving your objectives and getting in front of the right target audience.

Our team of experts will help you create an effective strategy to grow your business and reach new and existing customers using tailored ad strategies and budget planning. With more than +20 years of experience, we have obtained extensive knowledge and advanced competencies. We are experienced in brands with international customers and are a leading specialist within E-commerce, Retail (B2C) and B2B. We draw on our experience to strategically execute profitable paid media marketing for your business and strive to help you reach your best digital performance across all our paid media channels.

Explore the different types of paid media

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    Paid Search

    Paid Search is an advertising model that drives traffic to your website via a search engine. This channel is highly internet-based, as users actively search for your products and services. It can also be a very efficient marketing tactic, as advertisers only pay when users click on your ads. At Novicell, we help you develop an effective Paid Search strategy with a data-driven approach and strong alignment with your wider marketing activity. We ensure to develop highly tailored campaigns that capture all relevant search terms for your business.

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    Paid Social

    Paid Social is an advertising model that can support your business with both brand awareness and driving sales. Your ads can appear across the most well-known social platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok and YouTube. We help develop effective paid social strategies that capture the right target audiences and use powerful creative assets.

  • Display & Programmatic

    Display and programmatic ads are used to promote your products and services on third-party websites. Media is bought using automated and algorithmic technology. Our team can help you create bespoke strategies to reach your brand awareness and sales goals.

By consolidating at Novicell, we achieve a significantly greater impact on our activities. We use our digital resources better - right now, we may have one specific need, but next month we will maybe need something else. Once we have gathered it all in the same place, it is easier to prioritise efforts without different agencies having to compete. That allows us to spend our money much more efficiently.

Erik Høj, CEO